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Recently a friend and client asked me for some support in the redesign of a main bedroom. The result is spectacular. A loft room, the ceiling was relatively low making it feel dark and grotto-like, and despite the epic view from the room onto sublime green hills, the windows were fairly small and oddly positioned, whereby the only way to see the view was to sit across the bed, or lengthways turning to the right.

My friend planned to raise the ceiling and I petitioned that we go for maximum light and view by creating windows on every outer wall that spanned nearly the length of each wall. In the process everything of course had to be removed from the room, and in respect to the intention of the room as being a sacred space of inspiration, joy and purpose, very little was added back, except what would become a small altar, a pile of purpose-related books, a desk, and - an excellent idea from my friend - a hammock chair for dreaming, imagining, and thinking!

The final touch was the colour scheme, to create a cohesive vibration and further enhance the room's intention. Not coincidently, white, blue and gold - the White Temple's colour scheme - became the theme, in honour of the pure, divine and creative feel this evokes.

The energetic transformation was also perfect. Although always full of sacred items, and used as a space for either sleep or meditation, after the physical changes and intentions of the room were transformed, the energy of the space became crystalline, with a portal-like high vibrational centre of light in the centre: the exact potential the room had always wanted for itself!! Unfortunately the rest of the house pales in comparison and now needs to reburbished and realigned also!!!!


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