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Whole in energy field = whole in body, mind, spirit



The key to your life, is the hidden part of your self...
Is your energy field whole, full, clear, strong,
balanced, supportive?

Everything about how you are and how you live is directly related to the health of your energy field. 


Seeing as we are only made of energy, and the finer energetic field, comprised of finer bodies and energy centres, is connected to our physical body and self, it is entirely essential to maintain the health of your energy field if you want to be whole and happy and for life to go in the direction you desire. 


It has also been shown that potential health issues can show up in the energy field/aura before the issue becomes physical. 

Almost all clients that come to see me due to a plethora of different 'problems,' have most commonly, either power loss from the energy field, or are carrying extraneous debris that has never been cleared away - or often a combination of the two. 

Do you commonly experience (without very natural reason):

Constant tiredness

Stress & emotional irritability

Over sensitivity to other people & environments

Emotional imbalances / mood changes

Feeling unprotected

Recurring negative patterns

Feeling heavy, dark, weighed down, mired

Anxiety & depression, feelings of being 'caved in'

Life not going how you want it to go

Sense of powerlessness and limitation

Inexplainable physical / energetic symptoms



None of this should be tolerated as ‘life.’ Though life is inherently challenging, we should be resourced enough for it to be challenging yet enriching.


In the following energy work sessions, I read all the various factors in your energetic health that are related to the major energy centres and condition of your overall energy field, and where possible heal, clear/unblock or retrieve missing energy/power. 

ENERGY DETOX Sessions are a recommended first step for people who want a check in, to see how I work, or for simple energetic repair. To maintain the health of the energy field, suggestions are made during the treatment, and regular or a set of sessions are recommended. 


For a more radical reset and upgrade of the energy field, where there has been much energy loss, or where you have a fairly healthy energy field but wish to optimise it so that it facilitates your purpose and life actualisation, an AURA TRANSFORMATION is recommended. This is a permanent treatment to acquire the more powerful field that children are being born with today. 


If you've had an AuraTransformation, it is recommended to have a check-up/boost 2 or 3 times per year until you are fully confident about maintaining an optimal energy field. These are called ENERGY BALANCE Sessions, and are the 'New Energy' equivalent to the ENERGY DETOX  Sessions.


agave cactus, abstract natural pattern b


A one hour treatment to read your energy field, clear and realign your aura and chakras, and perform soul retrieval. Opportunity to read into other aspects on one's life and give intuitive guidance. 

Interwoven pattern in nature - backgroun


The equivalent to Aura Detox, this 1 hour + treatment is for people who have had an AuraTransformation and who need a clear-out and boost of their aura, with opportunity for intuitive guidance upon their life path. 

High magnification macro of blue abalone


A permanent 4 hour (across 2 x session) treatment to completely heal and upgrade the energy field, providing a complete soul reading, and creating the strong aura type that the children are now born with.

“I felt lifted and centered after my session with Karen... Since then I have felt very energized and a lot of synchronicities have been happening in my life. I feel very much at peace with myself and the world. I now also dwell deeply into finding what are the things that I really enjoy doing that contribute to my sense of connection with God and wellbeing, happiness, and make me a human being of absolute integrity so I can be happier inside my body and be of help to the planet. I practice them every day so I can create sound habits out of virtues… 


I can’t tell you how transforming a time it has been. I have also cleared my house of outworn stuff and I have found a renewed enthusiasm in life and work… for which I have to thank you a million times!!! 


I thoroughly recommend this process to anyone that wishes to center and uplift their vibration. Karen is an amazing practitioner and I am glad I choose her for the process."

Millie A - Mind Body Spirit Direct. 




Life offers us an invitation. Why stay small, broken, held back? Why not step forward in the truth of who you are, no matter how challenging? Why not accept life as purely an adventure? Why not be all you can be, and if you fall along the way, trust that it was perfect for your experience and learning? Why not abandon any belief that binds you to a discerning model, and open to anything which makes your heart sing?

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