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The Masculine & Feminine Mastery Keys:
The 'Christos-Sophia' Blueprint

Mystery School teachings for this unique evolutionary time,

to embody your whole Divine Self on Earth.


The times we are living in call all noble hearts to mastery

With the acceleration of life’s pace and the earth’s whole-system destabilization into a new energetic paradigm, there are several choices available to us: to be numb and detached, to try to escape, or to rise to Mastery. 


Working with the Mastery Keys, activates the quantum blueprint of your Christ Consciousness, for use in this physical present time & body, where many of us are being called to action, to lead new ways of life for a New Earth. 




If you’ve been looking for a path that contains wholistic wisdom, that is of ancient times, yet designed for the new, an evolutionary process that can offer complexity and simplicity at once, that you can trust and deepen into over a long time, then I invite you to consider beginning a relationship with the Mastery Keys.


At the heart of all ancient high alchemy traditions is the knowledge that Source has Twelve Rays.




The Mastery Keys are the Twelve ‘Archetypes’, ‘Rays’ or ‘Faces’ of the Divine Christos-Sophia Blueprint that are available to us at this time. Feminine and Masculine, they are the Sacred Marriage, Hieros Gamos. 


They have a specific, initiatory pathway, where one Key opens a Gateway that leads to the next. It helps initiates re-member, to awaken to the full scope of their Stellar Divine Blueprint, so they may once again become agents in the planetary ascension and their journey through the multiverse. 

Many people prefer to work with the energy of the One, through the process of detaching your identity from your human self and reconnecting with the Higher Self. This is an essential practice, but does not allow for a comprehensive activation of one’s consciousness. 


It is also rooted in the enlightenment pathway of the old time, where the emphasis was on breaking out of the density of the ego by returning to the light. The new time is about bringing the Spirit into Matter and re-integrating (all aspects/rays of) the Divine within the Earthly Self. 


12 Archetypes that when alchemised together,

form the Crystalline Christed Self.



Leaping Dancer_edited.jpg

Divine Transmission

The Mastery Keys are a complete system of teachings that were transmitted to me by the High Alchemy Master Rays of Christos-Sophia Source in 2011-2012, during periods of deep meditative immersion, within the forests of the Surrey Hills, following 12 years of 'preparation' to tune my consciousness to be able to receive it as a pure vessel. This was a very sacred, and very extreme period of my life.


In order to bring the Mastery Keys to the world, I then had to step down from the seat of consciousness I needed to be in to receive them, & began the initiatory path of integrating them into my Earthly Self. 

We are at the dawn of a New Earth, where heaven and earth must unite.


The Mastery Keys Artwork

Here is some artwork that created to illustrate each Mastery Key. Whilst they help the Initiate bring some visual light to connect with each Key, one's perception should not be limited to what is shown here - each Mastery Key is a whole dimension of energy that cannot be constrained to a human form. 

Work with the Mastery Keys

The Mastery Keys work is not like any other work I have ever facilitated. It is a path beyond this incarnation, a devotion, and in one sense, there is no choice for the soul who simply belongs here.


Anyone can work with the Mastery Keys lightly as a set of archetypes and system tools. However, to begin the process of deep initiatory work with the Keys to develop your personal mastery and consciousness capabilities, a ceremonial transmission of the energetic blueprint is first required.


"I am still buzzing! It was such a profound ascension course and it’s an exceptional and beautiful work that I feel will be the foundation for me now to move from as a light worker. Doing (or should I say being!) the Mastery Program and connecting with the 12 – 14 energies rather than just one universal energy as we did for the Co-Creation retreat was very advanced. I came away with no excuses and confidence in manifesting my vision and not being afraid of being hurt."

"I felt that the Healer, the Transmuter, the Purifier and the Magician now gives the light worker tools to heal as you go. With the transition we are in now on this planet it’s so important that light workers are able to manifest their visions. In fact using these energies the light worker now becomes unstoppable: a light warrior that can self heal and suffer no wounds. It’s almost like the light worker 2.0 upgrade!"

"A joy to be a part of it!" 

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