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by Karen Aiyana Birch



In 2020 Karen worked with a director and production company to produce a film that would give people a vision of hope for life on Earth.


The intention behind The Blueprint film, really a movie, which is part documentary and part fantasy fiction, was to show people how beautiful living in an eco-community could be.

It has been compared to La Belle Verte and Celestine Prophecy, and is already inspiring so many people that there is another way to live. 


The film features several eco-community projects across the UK and Europe, including Damanhur and Tamera. 

To watch it for free, sign up for a free trial with



Published books for some life enriching, magical reading:

Stories of Initiation between the Moon & the Sun, 2015

- A collection of deliciously enchanting short stories and poems to warm the heart and nourish the soul. 

Celestial Earth, 2015

- The autobiographical journey of a profound mystical quest through forest & ancient lands that consumed Karen's life for most of 2012, unveiling a system of sacred mastery teachings.

Butterfly Aperture, 2015

- A fictional spiritual adventure novel, moving and gripping, diving into life after death, bereavement, addiction, love and beguiling travels in South America. 

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