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Alchemical Gold
 Blueprint Activation Program
Weeks (Online) 2024

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Your blueprint is your innate birthright. It's who you truly are, coded into your spiritual essence and physical cells and it seeks to be manifest - in the life you could be living, the purpose you're fulfilling. It's all coded, a primordial potential waiting inside of you, and perfectly ripe for this time, now. 

Nothing else feels as deeply essential, vital, at this time on Earth, then that we activate and live from the blueprint within us - helping each other to anchor this as a new collective blueprint for humanity.

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  • It’s more than energetic mastery practice and soul reclamation work. 

  • It’s more than claiming your full wild, natural, divine, intuitive, embodied self. 

  • It’s more than self-love, boundary setting, healing your nervous system so that you feel safe again.

  • It’s more than radical honesty, rooting out the colonial mindset and returning to Nature.

  • It’s more than creating a life that works for you, and showing up in the world with your true gift. 

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It's you becoming the One, Whole Self, 

so that you exude the sweet elixir of your unique blueprint, from the cosmic fountain of your heart...

and so you serve the All. 

Are you a change-maker, healer, activist, conscious creative, purpose-led entrepreneur - or want to be?

Are you dealing with:

  • The frustration and pain of knowing you're not in total alignment in your self and life.

  • Feeling torn between nourishing your self and being of service to others / the earth.

  • Feeling tired, drained, burnt, unmotivated, or confused.

  • Swinging between high creative / sovereign energy, and then burning out or dropping.

  • Or, maybe you're on an acceleration path right now and want to keep going!

This is for:

  • Those of you who feel the pain of clipping your wings or staying small.

  • Those of you who feel out of integrity with your true full self in how you’re living and compromising.

  • Yet also those of you who already live in alignment with your true self but have hit a plateau or simply want to expand into and deepen it go all the way!


You know and trust in your capacity:

  • To become alive and whole in who you truly are.

  • To show up authentically, consciously, powerfully with others.

  • To be aligned in your work and true purpose.

  • To live a life that you love and that is flowing and abundant for you.

Plant Shadow

Your Blueprint is EVERYTHING. 


Here you return to, become, Divinity & Nature - the frequency of Nature, into Oneness with Nature, with our own Nature.


This is about your birthright, the plan the Divine has for you. This about you being and living the gift of your Self. 

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Plant Shadow

This is about creating a New Earth


It is about what it means to truly reside in the frequency of a new paradigm, for only here can a New Earth be manifested. 


This is about aligning with the most sacred, the most fundamental, essential principles of Gaia’s dream and the galactic unfolding. It is returning to, Creation, as Creator, being the Creating.  


What is it? 


A weekly Sacred Container online group session of:


Coaching | Energy Clearing | Soul Retrieval | Journeying | Ceremony | Deep Sharing | + other Transformative Workshop Elements.


12 Sessions in total, each building upon the last. 


Plus: Group Heart Sharing to support each other in between. 


Month 1 - Feminine Activation

3 x 2 hour Blueprint Sessions

1 x Cacao Elixir Initiation Journey 

Month 2 - Masculine Activation

3 x 2 hour Blueprint Sessions

1 x Cacao Elixir Initiation Journey 

Month 3 - Divine Child Activation

3 x 2 hour Blueprint Sessions

1 x Cacao Elixir Initiation Journey 


Cacao Elixir Initiation Ceremonies


During the Twelve Week Program there are Three Ceremonies - each following a Three-Week Activation session series. 

These are deeply held ceremonies more akin to other plant medicine journeys than the popular western version of a ‘cacao ceremony’ that people are familiar with at ecstatic dance gatherings.


We will be taking strong doses and shamanic journeying within to the heart of Mother Earth and Spirit, for Blueprint Initiation and insights.

Online - day aligning with group.

Approx 4 hours. Time TBC with group. 

Instructions will be provided to prepare your Divine Cacao Elixir. Is 'plant medicine ceremony + online' a match? Yes, it will work in the way I have designed, plus there will be space to leave the laptop and go on your own journey.



Option: for those in Algarve

If you happen to live locally in Southern Portugal, e.g. in Aljezur or Lagos areas, there is some flexibility and possibilities regarding experiencing some program elements in person, for example the ceremonies. 

I can then prepare for you my own Divine Elixir of Ceremonial Grade Cacao, infused with flower essence, therapeutic grade essential oils, and 528hz (universal love) frequencies.

However this will be intuitively sensed into - as per other details of the program, which are manifested in service to the blueprint of the program.

Details & Booking

Program Details 

12 Sessions - Once a Week

Start date: to be confirmed

(example: Spring Equinox - Summer Solstice portal)

9 x Blueprint Activation Online Sessions 

Three per month, mostly Thursdays

Session Time: evening - times to be confirmed with group timezones & availability 

Sessions will be 2 hours depending on number of group members


3 x Cacao Elixir Initiation Ceremonies

On the 4th, 8th, and 12th weeks

The time and day may shift for these ceremonies, allowing the sessions to be full length (sessions will allow members to go offline for a period)


Recommended Value Exchange

I wish to offer flexibility for people's unique socio-economic positions, dependant on the balance and number of participants, where the ideal number is an intimate 7 to 9 people spread between each exchange level. Max of 12 people.

Fair: €690 - €870

Cosy: €870 - €1140

Needing Financial Support: €570-€720

Please be responsible & honest in your value exchange. People have wildly different circumstances, yet every change maker, new earth pioneer, and light worker, needs support to flourish and fulfill their purpose to serve the All. Let's be on the same team.



Register your interest, so please: 

Send a message now, with your timezone and suggested exchange. 

Or, to secure your place immediately, make a deposit of £150 into PayPal. 

(You will receive an email to confirm details. Should all places be already filled, you will be refunded immediately. Deposit is refundable within 48 hours.)

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The journey we will take



Fully activating and exuding your Blueprint Elixir may sound like a lot - maybe even scary. You may ask, ‘But what about all the challenges I’m currently facing in my life? Is it even possible?’


In these 3 months we get real, immediately. We become ultra vulnerable, and ultra empowered. You may be in a position to shift only a few things within yourself in order to access full blueprint bliss. Or, you may be dealing with a lot of complex constraints, and you will be empowered with new levels of insight and resource in order to start realigning your life at the root level, step by step.  


Many of us right now are living the deep conflict of clashing paradigms. Experiencing the extremes of bliss and breakdown, we are learning to be true to ourselves and the ways of living that stand for a new earth, whilst still battling with the old systems that seek to constrain us. 


We are the event horizon between the old and new paradigms… the breakthrough and birth is happening within us, not outside of us, and this process is painful - depending on how adaptively we evolve. Some of us feel we have a difficult path as impactful change-makers, but this can still feel entirely satisfying, where you are living your fullest potential.


We all have different fears, blocks, kryptonite, that hold us hostage from our natural blueprint state. This is the work to break through the old paradigm. We are in a moment of history that calls once more for true alchemy.

Plant Shadow

Deepen into:


  • Living from your Blueprint requires self-love, but what does that mean? How to create solidarity, power, intra-connection. 

  • How to listen to and trust your energies, e.g. the body’s intelligence, your heart, your energy field, your Spirit.

  • Embody what it means to be fully actualised in Masculine and Feminine.

  • Find how to break the cycle of nervous system dysregulation & burn out, whilst still being productive with purpose.


  • Living from your Blueprint requires clarity, but how can we become clear of all external narratives and energies, and know you're choosing from our authentic self? You will learn how!

  • Live what it means to manifest your life from deep magic, as the inner Artist.

  • Receive the '12 BLUEPRINT CODES' as a lifelong practice.



"Your workshop was fantastic. It was a new and powerful exercise and I loved the way you spoke with such clarity, presence and nourishment. Your message is Divine."

Samantha Hoogenboom, Healing Practitioner.


"Karen's facilitation is masterful. She rapidly creates a powerful space of delicious and

powerful elements: grace, clarity and purpose."

Simon Confino, Founder of We-Q. 

“Karen has been the catalyst that has made me want to be all that I can be, not just half measures, I am talking about looking truly with the purist of intentions.

What I love about Karen is she doesn’t preach that we should be a certain way and she isn’t trying to make a quick buck, she is just passionate about everything she believes, so she doesn’t say ‘be like me’ instead she says ‘be all you can be’ and that’s exactly what I am now doing."

Deborah Barnard, Psychotherapist.

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