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Temple of Roses

Ceremonial Day Retreats for women,
Algarve, Portugal  


Are you ready to reconnect with pure feminine life energy?


This is a heartfelt invitation to all of you beautiful Sisters:

  • to ignite your inner fire in times of darkness,

  • to reclaim bliss as your natural state in times of chaos... 


Harness your sacredness, 

Nourish your body & soul, 

Meditate, share, sing, 

Dance around the fire, drum, 

Laugh, gaze at the stars.

Find joy, support and healing in sisterhood. 

Plant Shadow


Through the magical power of sound and motion Efia has the ability to create a vibe that inspires others to invoke their inner power and let their brilliance shine through.


The blend of vocal toning, soothing music frequencies, conscious breathing and slow movement will help you journey within and sound your divine truth.


Her intuitive and engaging way of connecting with herself and others has given great depth and meaning to what she has to offer to the world in her work as a music artist, DJ, singer, sound healing creatrix, intuitive dancer. 


Plant Shadow

Karen Aiyana Birch

Karen is a self-mastery and shamanic meditation guide, sacred ceremony holder, advanced energy healer, plus founder of a coaching and facilitation course for changemakers.


She is keeper of a set of initiatory mystery school teachings transmitted to her in 2012, called the Mastery Keys. She advocates the unifying of whole-systems regeneration with greater human consciousness as imperative for a New Earth. 


Karen's devotion to Spirit and Gaia, act as a gatekeeper for others to access the realm of divine beauty and sacredness. 




Ceremonial Day Program (example)

1.30-9pm: monthly (contact for dates)



🌹1: Temple Rose Awakening 

Deep Cacao Journey

Temple Sound Healing

Shamanic Meditation 

Vision Quest

🌹2: Temple Rose Expansion 

Creatrix Breathwork 

Devotional Singing

Chakra Dance & Drumming with Fire

Sacred Sound Grounding 

Deep Heart Sharing 

🌹 Nourishing Dinner


Including use of yogamats, blankets, cushions, delicious vegan food & drinks. 


A rich flow of Sacred Magic

to reclaim Bliss as our Natural State. 


Your Gratitude:


Please note, the exchange value reflects not only the depth & love of the facilitation & hosting, but also the majestic temple, professionally made food, & intimate number of participants. 


Priestess: €111  

Our inclusive price for female mystics who are seeking to establish resource in a patriarchal world.

Empress: €155

Gratitude, this provides more capacity for the other sisters to join us.

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