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The Mastery Keys:
Program & Lifetime Community

Mystery School of the Christos-Sophia Blueprint


Embody the Sacred Masculine & Feminine


'From ancient soul paths of the rose, of the lotus, of the sun, for the New Earth...'

Sisters, do you live for embodied Feminine empowerment, creating life, dancing in the ecstasy of your divine unique body and spirit, free and magical in your truth, and joyously fulfilled in your relationships with others and life...

Brothers, do you live for being in your full power and heart as the Masculine, manifesting your core mission in this world, drinking the nectar of freedom and enlightenment whilst deeply serving this planet and your loved ones?

Free your consciousness, anchor your power, feel whole, become paradise


Are you on an awakening path today and have reached a level of initiation, yet have hit a plateau in your healing journey, or simply know there is much further to explore?


Currently the new energies on the planet are creating pressure for people to do exactly that: to truly heal, balance, align, expand and empower into Co-Creator beings.

By working with the Feminine & Masculine Mastery Keys in a specific order of embodiment, with true intention, an extraordinary pathway unfolds that takes you from Initiation, to Mastery, to Creation.


Self-mastery is a path of deep healing and lifelong transformation. This program & community offers this from the heart. 


Find your way back to your essence, together.


Mastery is a process of healing and transformation that is best supported by community.


Exhaustion & less happiness result from an accumulation of emotional & mental burdens - trauma, disillusionment, broken hopes, old programs, and burn out from the way the world is weighs heavily on us. 

Dear sister or brother, if this is you, then feel the comfort that here we help each other release the energetic weight of this heaviness, en-'lightening' ourselves - not to become removed from life, but so we may realign and reignite our flame for who we are meant to be be and how we are meant to serve in this life.

Each Mastery Key - a feminine or masculine aspect of the Christ Self, reveals the burden that blocks us from its experience, and offers a key to pass through this gateway of light.  Let's find our way home together. 

Sunset Kayak
Semicircle of Crystals



1:1 Mastery Key Initiation Ceremony

Receive the energetic blueprint of the Feminine & Masculine Christ Consciousness into your energy field in a 1:1 Initiation Ceremony online.

In-person ceremonies are also possible & recommended. See below. 


The Mastery Keys Codex: The Guidebook

This is your life companion to understanding all you need re self-mastery, the Divine Feminine & Masculine energies, the Wounded, Earthly & Eternal Selves, balance & being a Creator. 


Monthly Mystery School Deep Dive Session

Each month we join together to gain insight, exploration, healing, and transformation, by focusing on an aspect of the Mastery Keys Codex of work that is calling to us the most - a Key, shadow, or process.


Bimonthly 'SHE' & 'HE' Sessions

Every other month we join in our same-gender groups to nourish ourselves in SHE and HE Mystery teachings, elevating each other as we embody more deeply 'God' and 'Goddess.' 


Bimonthly Community Connection Circle

During alternate months to the SHE and HE groups, we have the opportunity to join together just to be, connect, share, support, get to know each other, learn from each other & weave magic.


Supportive & Co-Creative Possibility Realm

In between sessions we stay connected in a group, and stay open to possibilities over time for collaborations, in-person meetings, missions to sacred sites, and anything else that may arise!

Questions & Answers

Why a lifetime membership?

Mastery is not a 'course' or something you learn and then put down. It is a life path. Likewise, whilst an exchange of energy is necessary due to the times we live in, this is not 'business' to me. 

In all ancient cultures of the past, close supportive communities were formed around the learning of sacred teachings. We need safe containers for this.

The format here provides an initial 'program' to integrate the processes, and then allows the deeper flow of true community to arise organically.  

Professional Dancer

How can self-mastery serve me?

Ultimately mastery can serve you in any way you choose it to. Professional golfers, athletes, or chess players use mastery practices to succeed, as do martial artists. 

You can also utilise it purely for your inner healing, to manifest the life you dream of, or to become more adept in dealing with emotional triggers and creating more healthy relationships

The deeper call is Dharma, & raising collective consciousness.

You could say that we use the practices of mastery to become more 'superhuman,' yet I would say that mastery is actually our true nature, and what we're accustomed to as normal human operating is a huge aberration.  We are re-learning.

What if I'm already  a Mystery School facilitator/guide?

I would be so happy to hear from you. I believe it important that at this time we collaborate and co-create with one another with the pieces of the blueprint that have been gifted to us to hold and bring to the community. 

Also, being a facilitator does not mean we are no longer Initiates. Let's evolve from each other. Personally, I am capable of extraordinary levels of mastery, and then can descend once more into forgetfulness as my focus is kidnapped by more worldly demands.  We are meant to lift each other.

Please get in touch so that we can have a chat and explore an aligned constellation. 

Couple in White

What makes this program unique?

Whether you are attracted to Mystery Schools, or simply love the challenge of mastery practices, you will find home here. The work encompasses every primordial dimension of evolving the 'self.'

The Divine Child and the Wounded Child, the Shadow Feminine/Masculine and the Light, the Earthly self and the Eternal Self... and of course the archetypes of the Feminine and Masculine, the Four Elements, Sacred Union and birth of the Christed Self...

It is these core, mystical, shamanic, archetypal forces and aspects of the psyche that are always at work in us whether we are conscious of it or not, that we dive into together. 

Can the 1:1 ceremony be in person? 

Yes. This ceremony is especially for you and can be according to your dreams. Think of how much love and energy you'd put into a wedding - this is a ceremony that should/could have just as much magic and meaning, or more.


Please note that whilst an online ceremony as I've designed it is included in the program, there would be additional costs to co-creating a much more elaborate in-person event! I highly encourage and support you to work with me to orchestrate something memorable for life. 


To rise to the call of the Feminine and Masculine Christ is the most honourable path in service to our beloved planet, Gaia.


Enrolment details

Start Anytime


The program and community is ongoing, so you can join at any time.

Its official opening is/was May 2024 - when the cosmology aligned with the first Mastery Key.

Energy Exchange  

Community on the path of Mastery should be unconditionally available to everyone with genuine call for it, yet living requires financial resource.


But how is it possible to give a value to this lifetime of work, to keep bridges open to those with limited resource, and create a fair win-win relationship? 

We can only proceed with wisdom, authentic dialogue, and open hearts. ​This is the starting place: 


£1144 - one year integration program & lifelong community member: 


After one year of deep transformative integration of the Mastery Keys within the Mystery School, you then 'graduate' out of this more held container and become a lifelong member.


This includes everything except the Deep Dive Mystery School Sessions, unless you're called to continue with them.


It also means there's possibility for collaboration and being a facilitator of the Mastery Keys (this is a fuller discussion).  


Next Steps:

1. Book a Call - this requires you to really understand the program, and for us to know we can work together.

2. Agree on Exchange - a one-off payment of £1144 is our starting place. Or start the journey with a £333 commitment and then 8 monthly payments of £111.

3. I send you The Mastery Codex, we book your Initiation Ceremony, you're added to the Community Group, and invited to the Sessions.

4. We begin!


Each month's Mystery School Session is dedicated to one of the archetypal Mastery Keys, e.g.

master / healer / magician / shaman / yogi / spirit warrior OR one of the major mastery themes, e.g. wounded self / christed self / sacred union / the four elements.

The twelve Mastery Keys have been present throughout the ages & when activated & integrated together form the whole and unified potential of divine-human consciousness. 

The program is composed of:

A Monthly Live Mystery School Session

(Usually a two hour deep dive zoom session)

The Mastery Keys Codex

(A comprehensive self-mastery guide)

Bimonthly Men & Women's Circles

(To deepen into the Sacred Feminine & Masculine every other month)

Bimonthly Community Connection Circle

(To deepen into the Sacred Feminine & Masculine every other month)

1:1 Initiation Ceremony

(To receive the Keys energetically in your auric field, activating them in your consciousness)


The Mastery Keys Codex


The program includes a comprehensive workbook that the initiate can progress through in their own time and receive support with throughout the monthly sessions.  It contains life mastery practices, such as the transition from Initiate to Master, the balancing of the Eternal & Earthly Self, how to heal the Wounded Child, and the benefits of working with the Mastery Key Gatekeepers.


The Guided Mastery Keys Meditation:

- Each Mastery Key is a Gatekeeper, for it guards an essential initiation to another gateway of potential.

- This meditation will comprise the initiate's primary self-practice in integrating the work.

The Cosmology of Mastery:

- The process of integration and embodiment.

- How to work with the wounded child / shadow aspects.

- The relevance to the ancient mystery school teachings.

- The three great cycles of mastery embodiment: Initiation, Mastery, Creation. 

- The blocks and misconceptions, the key practices, and what it truly means to become a 'Gatekeeper.' 


Personal & Relationship Development work:

- For healing, balance and wholeness.

- Working with the four elements, with masculine and feminine, and with the triple God/Goddess archetypes. 

- Specific focus on interpersonal relationship dynamics. 

Due to the multi-layered depth of this program, it has relevance to those that are new to mastery or likewise those who are practiced meditators and shamanic practitioners.

"Working with Karen was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!

Never before have I felt so strong, clear and empowered."

"I am still buzzing! It was such a profound course and it’s an exceptional and beautiful work that I feel will be the foundation for me now to move from as a light worker. Doing (or should I say being!) the DIVINE LIFE MASTERY and connecting with the 12 – 14 energies rather than just one universal energy as we did for the Co-Creation retreat was very advanced. I came away with no excuses and confidence in manifesting my vision and not being afraid of being hurt.

I felt that the Healer, the Transmuter, the Purifier and the Magician now gives the light worker tools to heal as you go. With the transition we are in now on this planet it’s so important that light workers are able to manifest their visions. In fact using these energies the light worker now becomes unstoppable: a light warrior that can self heal and suffer no wounds. It’s almost like the light worker 2.0 upgrade!

“Karen’s workshops would benefit practitioners that are willing to confront their shadow self, energies that have been blocked sometimes for many years and wish to open up to the higher frequencies. I have been involved with the energy arts for the last twenty years and have a 2nd degree black belt in jujitsu. Karen is one of the finest teachers I have ever come across and her workshops are unparalleled. You will leave transformed.."

“As a practitioner Karen is gifted, professional and highly intuitive and I would unequivocally recommend this to anyone."

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