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A Life of Dharma

My work is about reuniting heaven and earth and thus creating paradise, within and without. This is not creating anything but what is inherently natural to us. It is a returning to our natural divine blueprint. It is our natural state to be a Master. It is our natural way of being to use consciousness, intention, energy, sound, voice, song, movement, dance, and sacred space to maintain balance, to heal, to create – to live this way.

The spiritual energy of the planet has now changed. No longer nestled in the divine masculine oriented Himalayas, it has now snaked its way over to the shamanic feminine honouring mountains of the Andes. Likewise, our collective spiritual evolution is no longer about ascension upwards, but rather a descent of spirit such that we embody our full power and divinity on earth in order that our planet shall ascend.


This is a time for us to become masters – to truly embody the medicine that we each hold individually – and to thereby cast off anything blocking or shadowing that. The more deeply we become our true individual essence, we fulfil our part for creating paradise on earth, for it happens naturally via us being who we really are.


In each of you there is a gem, a shining precious divine gem that should be protected at all costs – that you should never ever let any person or life circumstance crush. And yet, every aspect possible about the society and world we live in, is now designed to bury, block, crush, weaken and destroy that gem in each of you. Every possible act of self-violation has or is happening to each of you – as it is also happening to our planet. Without being fully cognizant of it, you have had your energy raped, stolen, and beaten constantly. Yet I say self-violation, for you have allowed it, and you can dis-allow it through awareness and training. You have done it to others too – because you have been provoked and not known.


I have been practicing and teaching in the field of personal transformation for twenty years whereby I constantly reviewed and refined what best encapsulates and simplifies the key principles/aspects/shifts that need to occur for the awakening individual.

My mission is to help switched on people who are stuck at a certain place in their journey, grow all the way into enlightened, powerful, free-spirited leaders, fulfilling their mission and spreading joy during this time on Earth, where many radical changes will happen in the next decade. 

I worked in varied therapeutic fields and modalities, such as addiction and grief counselling, leading anger management and art therapy groups, as a personal development and meditation teacher, hypnotherapist, retreat leader, advanced energy healer and life coach. 

This varied training, clinical practice, and facilitative experience has provided a rich professional backdrop to my own self realisation-actualisation journey of twenty years.


As such, I bring to my client work a unique understanding of transformation, rooted in psychotherapeutic approaches, in the power of ceremony and meditation, in the reality of energetic phenomena, and both the complexity of human emotion and the simplicity of spiritual initiation.

My particular specialisation is in creating intentional spaces in which people drop into deeper layers of realisation, and break out of old consciousness structures and social scripts, so that they may create new reality frameworks that are in service to their true nature and hearts' objectives. I advocate a shift in ‘spiritual’ focus from ‘awakening’ to ‘mastery.’

My main objective with Conscious Catalyst and my work with you, is that you become free and enlivened, as an agent of alignment, a leader of a new world (whether this is externalised or not), a pioneer in truth and pathways of possibility... My greatest vision is to help you connect with your greatest vision, and live that path - for this is the invitation we are each given on Earth.










Energy Mediator

Leadership Coach

Mastery & Meditation            Facilitator

Coaching Trainer

Branding Consultant

Web Designer

Ceremony Holder

Heaven and Earth Bridge  Builder

Keeper of the Great  Mother (Earth)

Global Ecovillage Network

 Ambassador & GEN WISE  (UK) Director

NEW Culture Educator

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NEW Culture,'New Earth Ways', illustrates a new paradigm model of socially and ecologically enlightened culture. See it applied to the design of an eco-village here


GEN WISE, (Wales, Ireland, Scotland, and England) is the UK & Ireland branch of the Global Ecovillage Network, which I have founded and been directing since 2018, to inspire an eco-village mentality and support bioregional communities. Check it out here.

Walking the talk...​



Helping others to live in alignment with their blueprint, is part of my blueprint. The other part of my blueprint is in helping the world to see the Earth's Blueprint... how we could all be living here together.


To fulfil this, I've been spending most of my time setting up  The New Earth School, a not-for-profit community interest company that offers video masterclasses ​and community on everything to do with how to create a beautiful new earth together. 


From small changes in our personal lives, to getting involved in big visionary eco-community projects, from the shifts we need to make within ourselves, to the shifts we need to make in our relationships and communities, to our environments... we are building a community learning platform to help you.  

In order to 'walk my talk,' I am also creating my own 'new earth' story - as The New Earth School encourages and supports its members to do. For me that means exploring living in eco villages and new regenerative living models, where I also spend time contributing to the community, farm, or creation of healthy community culture, with the hope of co-creating an inspirational land-based educational community project.

Exploring these questions, and building a platform that will give people the best possible support and chance of making the lifestyle shifts that we all need to be making for ourselves, our future generations, and the natural world, is my sole occupation. 

Please consider sponsoring me, in support of this work, or getting in touch for a unique sponsorship arrangement.

Thank you for being a part of my regenerative, blueprinted life design, and letting me help you with yours! 

With love, Karen x

Thank you so much for your support.


If you would like to explore a specific exchange, receive transparency on how your donation is used, or to sponsor The New Earth School directly, then please get in touch


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