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Cacao, Singing, Shamanic Ceremonies


I bring the sacred Mayan Medicine of the Cacao plant, to many contexts, as a beautiful, enchanting accompaniment for deep healing and journeying into layers of Heart and Spirit.

Often I collaborate with artists for transformational events and ecstatic dances, to deepen the opening into the heart. 



"The best cacao ceremony I've ever been to - and I've been to lots!" 


"The most beautiful cacao ceremony I’ve ever been to. I felt like I was in the most beautiful expansive ocean for much of the night!"

"I felt pure love and joy in my heart during and long after the ceremony. Your voices are angelic and made the experience really beautiful."

Flowering Soul Ceremonies

The ceremonies led by Karen Aiyana Birch and Kat Drake offer a wild magical array of devotional eloquence, an enchanting elixir of an ancient sacred Mayan Medicine, Cacao, blended with deep and expansive journeying, sacred sound and heavenly songs and mantras. 

Together, Kat and Karen weave an irresistible dance of complimentary forces, with Karen’s deepening meditative journeys, crystal alchemy bowl and light singing, and Kat’s uplifting devotional, medicine, and folk songs sung with the guitar. 


Experience sublime sacred bliss & enchantment:

Kat Drake is a London-based musician whose beautiful, ethereal voice echoes in the songs she writes. "Her strong sense of purpose and passion runs through her songs and a deep intimacy in her delivery draws people in when she performs…” (Sarah Hosney, photographer). 

“…Kat’s music is rooted in traditional English folk music and her vocal style is reminiscent of Eva Cassidy with a hint of Joni Mitchell but we believe she has a style all her own.” (The Icarus Club)

Karen Aiyana Birch has been holding sacred space, teaching and facilitating transformational circles, ceremony and workshops for over ten years. At the end of 2017 she was given the initiatory go ahead by the Spirit of Cacao to start leading regular ceremonies. 

"Being in sacred ceremony with Karen was something really quite unique, a surprise to all my senses... the dance of which transported me into a state of profound openness, expansion and bliss… this bliss shared tangibly by everyone fortunate to be in the room!"


Ceremonies in Portugal 


These are deeply held ceremonies more akin to other plant medicine journeys than the popular western version of a ‘cacao ceremony’ that people are familiar with at ecstatic dance gatherings.


We take strong doses for shamanic journeying within to the heart of Mother Earth and Spirit, for Blueprint insights.

Ceremonies take place in a high frequency beautiful nature spot during the day, either in Aljezur or Lagos areas, depending on where the majority resides. ​

A Divine Elixir is provided, of Ceremonial Grade Cacao, infused with plant essences, therapeutic grade essential oils, and 528hz (universal love) sound frequencies.

These ceremonies are available for groups or 1:1.



Train in Cacao Ceremony Facilitation

Karen also provides tailor-made one-to-one ceremonies, teaches a Certificated Cacao Ceremony Facilitation Training, as well as partners with other artists and facilitators to create sacred sound and cacao ceremonies.


Get in touch about future training dates in Portugal or UK.


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