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An AuraTransformation is a one-off radical treatment that permanently heals and upgrades the ‘old time’ energy field into the more advanced energy structure children are now being born with. There is a deep fusion of spirit with body, in a way that mobilises greater purpose, wholeness, and clarity.



Can you relate to a feeling of limitation, like you know you’re meant to be stepping into something greater but can’t seem to break out of the invisible cell around you? This is because your aura is now too limiting for the energetic potential available. The ‘old time’ aura (for people born before the 90's) is outdated. Other people have severely dissolved or sensitised auras, suffered extreme power loss, or otherwise are in need of energetic repair. 


Many parents too are struggling to meet the energy demands of their New Time children whose life force power greatly exceeds their own. Some of the benefits that people report following an AuraTransformation are:

  • Freedom from the 'grey' mental and emotional clutter that confuses & can hold you back
  • Increased energy, life force and vitality from being fully present and ‘together’ in your energies
  • Greater visibility towards your own imbalances and others', including an improved 'bullshit radar'
  • A greater state of joy and well-being from being ‘you’ and living freely 
  • The ability to ‘meet’ your children and enjoy greater rapport and healthier boundaries with them
  • Greater focus, clarity and intuition – you know and prioritise what is right for you and the ‘whole'
  • Enhanced ability to remain balanced and keep integrity in the midst of challenge
  • Greater innate drive towards taking action 
  • More manifesting power and freedom to create your life according to your purpose and joy
  • Greater protection, grounding, magnetism and radiance
  • Growing simplicity of wholeness, balance and synergy between all aspects of your being
Everyone experiences the benefits of the AuraTransformation differently. Most people report feeling some shifts on a permanent level as to the efficiency of their human functioning as per above, e.g. an increase in energy, focus, empowerment, intuition. It is this improved operating and more advanced approach that produces the positive results. 
Some people experience more profound shifts, and a few notice only subtle differences - but that’s not to say it hasn’t ‘worked.' How much of a shift you feel in response to the AuraTransformation will depend on how balanced you already were, how aware you are of your energy, and how committed you are to working in integrity with the new energy. 
To maximise on your investment to an upgraded energy field, it is recommended to keeping your energy clear, learn about how the new auras work so that you’re aware of the shifts occurring and how they are of service to you, and by not mixing the crystallisation process with contrary practices. 

"Since having the AuraTransformation so much has radically fallen into place. I feel not afraid to speak my truth, my NO's are clear and my intuition has sharpened... I feel radical in the sense of complete authentity and fear seems to have quietened down. 

It's like all my years of growth are coming together and I am feeling this power to deeply heal my physical body like never before . I feel present and full up with a deeper conviction of self directed living... that I have all the answers for my health and living and I am excited to really become the optimal being that I was born to be. My diet and lifestyle are being radically changed. 

Thank you Karen Aiyana Birch for holding such a sacred and life changing space. You have such a gift for seeing the other and creating the change that is needed for us all to evolve. Seeing you live in such alignment and creativity is a true inspiration."

Annabelle Nicoll, Photographer & Artist, Brighton, UK,

AuraTransformation is a permanent one-off treatment that is usually performed in two sessions, a few days apart. It can take anything between 3 to 5 hours in total to complete, depending on the individual's and environmental energies present. 
During the sessions, the client lies down and is guided into a state of relaxed presence, whilst the Mediator holds the client's feet and facilitates the process. People report experiencing a variety of things during the sessions, from deep relaxation, to heat, waves of energy, and often experience their own visions etc. 
In addition to the AuraTransformation itself, Karen provides higher psychic-intuitive information throughout the sessions, benefiting you with a fuller multi-dimensional experience to take away.
Karen is currently based in the UK, though regularly travels with her work. See for more information on AuraTransformation, the New Time Energy, and to find other Aura Mediators near you. 
In the meantime it is strongly recommended that you read 'Balance on All Levels' book by AuraTransformation's Founder, Anni Sennov. This ensures you have a thorough understanding of the New Time Energy before you make a commitment.




Becoming one of the first Aura Meditators to be trained in the UK, I have been passionately educating people about how their energy works, since my own AuraTransformation (& subsequent training as a Mediator), which completely changed my life. 


For 12 years, I had been committed to the path of self-realisation through meditation, which opened my intuitive clairvoyance. I believed nothing could be as powerful at transforming one’s consciousness as meditation. Whilst this remains true on a conscious level, the AuraTransformation radically shifts everything at a human functioning level, like a software upgrade. 


In receiving this upgrade, I then saw how the ‘lightness' I had previously attained through spiritual practice had created over-sensitivity, a common ‘problem’ in today’s energetic climate, and through the transformation now occurring in my energy field, I was becoming radically stronger, more focused, empowered and whole - in effect, a more advanced and optimised human being.


“Having an AuraTransformation with Karen was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! Never before have I felt so strong, clear and empowered."

“As a practitioner Karen is gifted, professional and highly intuitive and I would unequivocally recommend this to anyone."

"During the sessions Karen’s visions and insights were incredible."

"How my life has changed since you did my Aura Transformation. I now know what I want, what I don’t want, and I can no longer tolerate living with things inside me that need to be said – they come out! I no longer feel guilty or shameful about feelings I have.

"SO much beautiful stuff going on. Magic! I now live in the present with my children nearly all of the time, and I seem to be attracting people into my life that I can really engage with and

it’s all fantastic and so fulfilling!!" 


"Can’t thank you enough.  I am so grateful for everything you have done for me!"


Buy Balance on All Levels by AuraTransformation Founder, Anni Sennov.

Read more about the context of the New Time Energy and the new children, and listen to a live talk here.

Discover more information on the official AuraTransformation website.

Consider booking the AuraTransformation as part of a 6-Month program to make sure you thrive in your new energetic model (see below). 

Get in touch to book a free consultation or book your AuraTransformation:

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If you are considering an AuraTransformation, please also consider booking it as part of a 3-6 month program, which may include:


AuraTransformation |  Extra Balance Sessions | Monthly Coaching | Journey  Work

This program is my recommendation as I have based it on what I personally would have benefitted from, plus my now 8 years as a leading UK Mediator, with 200+ AuraTransformation clients.  

Book a call to discuss the ideal program for you to equip yourself with everything you need to thrive in the new energy world. 

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