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In this heartfelt conversation, I have teamed up with my esteemed friend and colleague who runs men's circles in Costa Rica once more, so that we can share some of our deepest insights about the masculine and feminine, and the healing dynamic between the sexes that must occur for both to drop their defences and surrender into tender trusting love.

FYI, the first half contains a message for men, shared by Karen, around what women need in order to feel safe and allow a man to take the lead. The second half contains a message for women from Fadrique on behalf of the masculine, around what men need from women in order to drop their shield and open to the feminine.

Essentially, each is needing the conscious form of the other - men will be catalysed by the conscious, divine, tender feminine, and women will be catalysed by the conscious, divine, honouring masculine. If both parties are willing, they stand a chance of being able to fully surrender to the greater love that flows between them.

Enjoy ♥

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