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Mastery, new-time enlightenment, empowerment... these are all goal states that can seem far ahead and unreachable, yet can be accessed directly now through reframing the goal as energetic integrity.

In this insightful video which has an essential core message for anyone on a path of awakening and evolution, I share how energetic integrity works, and how we can be held back - often and primarily due to our empathic flowing natures that want to meet those around us who are invariably also not stepping forward and aligning to their energetic integrity and a higher dimensional reality.

Yet crystallising in your energetic integrity is of the truest and purest service to Mother Earth and Spirit and leads to greater abundance and conflict reduction in our relationships.

With love,

Karen ♥


This teachings in this video are in perfect complement to the NEW EARTH MASTERY videos, which are highly recommended and can be watched HERE.

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