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I love this new post from Anni Sennov, which is why I asked her if I could share it. It brings direct 'light' to an important issue regarding healing today that would benefit others to understand - especially anyone who works with these energies either professionally or in their personal lives. It is also important for anyone who has had an AuraTransformation to understand:


After having worked with energy, consciousness and healing for more than 25 years, I still wonder why there aren’t more spiritual people who question when it’s good/bad to work with light energy. In many cases, light energy can be as harmful as the darkness that the very same spiritual people very often distance themselves from and/or are afraid of.

However, there is no reason to fear neither the darkness nor the light. Instead, many spiritual people should update their personal consciousness and insight so that they can begin to understand the overall energy and consciousness from a modern earthly perspective where the Golden life force and creative energy dominate, and not continue to live their life based on what the big Spiritual masters said 50 or 100 years ago, where all human beings were born on soul level.

Everything changes from day to day here in the earthly sphere, and the energy is constantly raised in frequency and has been for decades, so the knowledge that the experts shared 50 years ago is in many cases outdated today, which is particularly evident within the fields of technology, healing, science and research.

So when modern healers are fully convinced that it is okay to heal with light energy on a very illuminated person, they often make a big mistake. Here on Earth there is a need to balance the opposite energies of the world, and therefore it is not possible to amplify light with light as it in many cases illuminates (and dissolves) the dark and the dense energy that most people have – and need - in their physical body. If the body is illuminated on the energy level, it loses its physical power and strength, which is very important for the body if it should last for many years.

It is perfectly okay to use light energy to heal (and illuminate) a person with a very dense and darkened energy in the body, so there can be balance.

It's also okay to ground and densify (someone might call it darken) a very light person with an illuminated body energy who cannot find rest in their physical body. This will create balance in the illuminated body.

But it DOESN’T create balance to work with light energy in an illuminated body or to ground and amplify the physical energy in a very dense and heavy body. This is equivalent to continuing to fill additional fuel on a tank that is already full.

On the other hand, it is perfectly okay to heal with love, since love is an all-consuming energy that contains both light and darkness as well as all existing contradictions in itself.

Therefore, I am the biggest fan of working with balance and love energy when I heal, because then it is not me who decides whether the client is given illuminated non-earthly energy, or dark, dense and earthly energy into their physical body and consciousness. Instead, it is the client's own energy system that knows what is best for them.

Loving Balance Greetings ♥

Anni Sennov



For more information check out Anni's site,

The official website for AuraTransformation

AuraTransformation™ powerfully activates the influx of the New Time energy and provides a permanent and radical expansion of consciousness.


Also see more information on the New Time Energy and AuraTransformation from me, Karen Aiyana Birch, one of the UK's first Aura Mediators.

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