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Do you feel alive & whole, in an inspired, meaningful life?

Embody your
True Blueprint 

There is a way to live, relate, love, work, play, evolve, individually & within community, that is full of life-force, joy & simplicity. It is the way of:

Your unique Spirit Blueprint.
A Divine Consciousness Blueprint.
Nature / Gaia's New Earth Blueprint. 

This is the path of 'Walking in Beauty,' of mastery & sovereign use of energy in service to a greater Whole.

Change makers, cultural creatives, mastery initiates, artists, thought leaders & conscious communities - this is our true path.  


Blueprint Activation

Claim your Quantum Self

Do you want to live from your true blueprint, radiating who you truly are, and living out your highest expression on this Earth? 

Masculine & Feminine Mastery

Initiate and embody the multi-faceted power of your Christos-Sophia Consciousness, for the creation of Heaven on (New) Earth.  

Expand your Consciousness

Camille Rock 2.jpg

Initiation & Rebirth Ceremonies

Ritually release the old you, and be reborn as a higher force of Spirit & Nature - through AuraTransformation or Rite of Passage.

Upgrade to a more potent 'You'

The New Earth School

Live your most inspired Life

Start creating a beautiful, regenerative life, by reskilling and connecting with others with similar dreams and projects.

Plant Shadow

The Blueprint Movie

Part documentary and part fantasy fiction, The Blueprint film shows people how beautiful living in eco-community could be.

To watch it, sign up for a free trial with

The Blueprint Film.JPG

"Karen's facilitation is masterful. She rapidly creates a powerful space of delicious and powerful elements: grace, clarity and purpose."

“Karen has been the catalyst that has made me want to be all I can be."

"Karen is one of the finest teachers I have ever come across and her workshops are unparalleled. You will leave transformed."

"Being in sacred ceremony with Karen was something really quite unique, a surprise to all my senses..."

“Karen is the purest embodiment of the sacred that I have ever met in a person."


Let's Work Together


I am currently based between Portugal and the UK.

Please send a message to book a program or session, enquire about transformational work, The New Earth School, or collaborating on creative projects that will cultivate a new beautiful world.


Excited to hear from you!

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