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Do you feel alive, whole, & free, living life with purpose & joy?

Let's embody new ways of living on Earth, where we are alive in our natural blueprint of who we each truly are, loving a life that inspires us, aligned with our true purpose,  and co-creating a beautiful new planet!

I work with awakening people who know they could be living in a more aligned, magical, meaningful, and nourishing way, who need support to break past the patterns, veils, and blocks to the experience of life that is coded within them to live.

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Do you want to live from your true blueprint, radiating who you truly are, and living out your higher purpose on this Earth? Join the Blueprint Alignment sessions and let Karen help you to radically transform your life.


Want to co-create a New Earth together? Take video masterclasses from experts who will help you create a more inspiring life. Meet others on the same path, and create new projects together.

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Karen founded the Global Ecovillage Network's bioregional branch for Wales, Ireland, Scotland, & England (GEN WISE), and has created a social & cultural ecovillage design model.


Karen is the author of several inspirational, life-affirming, magic-filled books, plus co-producer & writer of The Blueprint film (2020), a story of hope for humanity through conscious eco-communities. 


"Karen's facilitation is masterful. She rapidly creates a powerful space of delicious and powerful elements: grace, clarity and purpose."

“Karen has been the catalyst that has made me want to be all I can be."

"Karen is one of the finest teachers I have ever come across and her workshops are unparalleled. You will leave transformed."

"Being in sacred ceremony with Karen was something really quite unique, a surprise to all my senses..."

“Karen is the purest embodiment of the sacred that I have ever met in a person."


Interested to work with me?


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