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Happy Easter everyone! ♥

It’s hugely likely the sacred time of Easter is naturally about honouring the aspect of the sacred goddess or Earth Mother, associated with the spring and fertility, and yet it is the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ that we were reprogrammed to associate this time with. Nonetheless the theme for us is still rebirth; we must leave behind the hardship of winter and allow ourselves to be reborn into the new springtime. Not that winter poses any physical hardship for us in modern day, but it is a hardship for the heart and soul, which for a start, feels dampened by the absence of clear skies and the direct light of the sun.

Winter is meant to be a death whereby if we live in tune with nature, as part of nature, we return into ourselves to let the old die, to replenish, and keep the fire burning within by huddling into our cosy tribes. Yet in modern day, the real hardship that is revealed is not physical survival, but the breakdown of our nature, the fact that we are not aligned with nature, and do not honour this beautiful way of turning within, and cannot huddle around a fire with community because we live in isolated concrete boxes. But now that is passing. We don’t experience so much of this disfunction in the warmer months, as the warmth of the sun brings everything out. So let us move on to the matter of resurrection...

The symbolism of crucifixion and resurrection is so deeply significant to the human psyche at all times - I regularly retreat into myself, turning away from the world, dropping into the void to ‘die,’ because I know this is the most powerful way to be resurrected with fresh energy and clarity. Yet it has a more macrocosmic meaning for us all in relation to the frequency shift within the planet at this time.

Anni Sennov refers to the ‘old time energy’ as relating to the Jesus energy, which is rooted in martyrdom, whilst the ‘new time energy’ reflects the Christ Energy, which is not martyrdom at all, but rather divine alignment and the fire of heart-truth. What better symbol for alignment is there than the cross? So many of us are experiencing crucifixion in our lives at the moment, and have been for some time… perhaps it is becoming increasingly intense. This is because the spiritual fire around you sends your life into a constant initiation into greater divine alignment. But this isn’t just about becoming more ‘spiritual,’ it is about becoming more whole and balanced as a divine human being and in your life.

The time of needing only to connect with one’s divine nature has passed - the planetary frequency was raised, we did it. Now we have further work to do in the next phase - balancing one’s universal divine nature and one’s unique human nature, and creating a balanced life which is an authentic reflection of your unique divine-human nature. We have to bring it into our living. If you are neglecting to create balance in all areas of your life, you will certainly be experiencing crucifixion. If you are still in the ‘old time’ pattern of people-pleasing and martyrdom, you are not in divine alignment and will be experiencing crucifixion. The only sacrificing that must be happening at this time is of anything that is not in divine alignment for you and your life individually. The Christ energy calls for mastery. There can be no more victim, no more bail outs from our divine mother and father. The more connected you are with this energy, the more brutal the crucifixion will be felt if you are not aligning.

There are so many kind people out there who are spiritually centred, yet have not made this leap yet - they are still in the belief that self-sacrifice for others is the higher ground. Yet the roots of this lie in co-dependency, and a lack of trust in the Divine Plan. However, if you are willing to sacrifice anything, including your self or any part of yourself, to follow the divine pulse in your heart, then you are neither co-dependent on anyone, nor have an ounce of selfishness. You belong to the divine and offer yourself wholly to divine service, the plan of which can never be fully seen when you are following this; you can only trust. Here you are willing to displease others no matter what their judgements are of you.

People who are always asking more of you, asking you to do this or that, petitioning your emotions or gas lighting, are parasites on your energy. But the impulses of the Divine, though they may require sacrifice and hard work, never lead to a drain on your energy; but rather lead to greater empowerment, the capacity to love, and the energy to help others in a greater way. The greatest pain arises from our resistance to this, the doubts and confusion that arise in a climate which is still acting out the third dimension, and the heartbreak of then making unaligned choices.

So the questions to now ask are, How am I being crucified right now? What needs to be sacrificed? How can I resurrect myself in greater divine alignment as I enter the spring of this year?

With love,

Karen ♥

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