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In the New Time on Earth, spiritual evolution is no longer just about what you're being within, but what you're doing and how you're contributing to Earth as a reflection of your being. I have recently spent some very happy times supporting the exchange of plants and ideas between permaculture projects and driving through the most incredible lush mountain scenery in Costa Rica. I love meeting people who are passionate about plants, nature and sustainability - and who are 100% committed to doing something positive. Whether they are 'spiritual' is irrelevant. Anyone in the field of sustainability and re-wilding today is a rock star.

In the last 7 months I have experienced six very special & entirely different eco projects in Costa Rica attempting to create a kind of paradise: from transformational retreat style eco village, to educational sustainability ranch, permaculture design farms, luxury eco ranches, and an extraordinary botanists dream community, as well as a handful of other jungle eco lodges and ingenious organic producers 🌿 I've been thoroughly impressed and inspired by the dedication, passion, purpose and endurance of the people involved and astounded at what they've achieved; and, also had many of my suspicions about how not to do it, confirmed!! No one project that I have seen so far holds all the keys to paradise - so there is plenty of fertile soil for more ecovillage visionaries to seed their wildest dreams. I'm in the midst of writing a new book about the eco communities of the future - from a New Time Energy design perspective and plan to put it all into practice in the near future! The vision and the social design are the crucial elements to success - and then it's just about how beautiful and paradisiacal you want to make it.

What were my favourites? Rancho Delicioso near Montezuma, Rancho Mastatal in Puriscal, and Hidden Valley Farm in Monteverde: based upon beauty, quality and the warmth/sincerity of the people there.

See more info about the White Temple's vision here.

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