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Most people today are aware on some level that the trajectory we as a planet have been on is not sustainable, that we are in danger of irreparably damaging our home on a massive macrocosmic level, just like we have microcosmically destroyed the environments of many eco-systems already. 

There simply is wholly one solution for the future: eco-sustainable living. ​


Creating sustainable lifestyles – whether in individual houses or whole eco-villages and towns – that supports the bio-systems of nature rather than depletes them, will naturally become an integral focus for the New Earth. 


Many know and embrace this; others wish to bury their heads in the sand. They fear it equates to lack or living a hippy lifestyle, when this is based on limited information and experience. Every eco village, project and intentional community is different, and all past and current projects have rarely reached the potentials for eco living. If only everyone knew that the potential in eco village living is that:

It meant an improvement of convenience and luxury

It meant you were healthier, freer, you lived longer, and you had more support

Technology becomes free and abundant

Your living environment becomes more beautiful and stylish than ever and specifically designed to enhance well-being

You become less isolated than before because you live in a community of like-minded people and are part of a wider network of people Who all trade with one another

Your whole village is designed with well-being, health, aesthetics and convenience in mind

You could stop 'working' and instead devote yourself to the things you love, for the benefit of others.


If only everyone knew that saving the planet meant living in paradise.

Consistently, in all kinds of people, once taken out of the deafening clutter of their ‘normal’ lives and into a life that is connected with nature and simplified to the essential harmonics of natural living, a magnificent and involuntary transformation takes place that lets these people ‘wake up’ to how imbalanced their lives were before. The irony is that they fear losing life, only to realise they were never alive, for life is nature; the man-made existence we have all co-created has disconnected us from this very real yet mysterious health giving force.


My greatest vision is the creation of a network of New Earth eco villages across the world

that set a president for a way of living which embodies paradise on Earth.

Living in deep harmony with the Earth and her ecosystems, designing infrastructure, homes and biological systems that create balance and emulate the beauty of nature, reclaiming the body as an instrument of healing and portal to spirit, cultivating an empowered community that respects and encourages the realisation of each individual's divine blueprint and purpose, being self-sufficient yet sufficiently interlaced with the rest of the world to inspire and stay connected... 

creating beauty, balance, consciousness, sacredness...

If you are interested in co-creating an eco-community, have an existing eco-community and would be interested in further collaboration, or would simply like to offer your skills and potentially be involved with a new eco community project, please get in touch. 



Have your team or community learn the principles of the NEW EARTH WAYS: a combination of the New Time Energy principles such as energetic awareness, heart-intelligence and divine patterning, with the twelve Permaculture Principles ... designed to create joy, health, harmony, and productivity within a community. A solution to the primary reason for community breakdown. 

By communing with the spirit and energy of the land from the outset, the project has the best opportunity to reach a potential on all levels and across all dimensions. All aspects of the Sacred Living work - to fully read and thoroughly clear space, to set up energetic architecture which is in alignment and an agreement with the highest purpose of the project and the spirit of the land it is built upon. 

Every single aspect of design, placement, layout, object, affects human consciousness and energy. To create the optimum environment for healing, transformation, rest, socialising or creativity, requires sensitively balancing multiple factors: the feng shui and energy of the exterior space, the intention for the space, and selection of interior aspects for application into aesthetic design and style. 

Since the mid nineties, children have been born with increasingly advanced energy fields that operate according to a 'new time energy' on the planet. When parents and adults who spend time with these Indigo, Crystal, and Crystal-Golden humans learn about the impulses operating through them, they are always immensely relieved and grateful to understand why their children are the way they are and how to best help them - and themselves at coping better. Karen Aiyana Birch is passionate about sharing this awareness to current and future intentional communities.

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Honours and values the wisdom and beauty of what has been in the past, and recognizes what is progressive now and in the future.
Respects the uniqueness of the individual, whilst maintaining the balance of the whole.
Merges all that is enlightened and divine, with all that is earthly and material.
Prioritises natural and sustainable living – with awareness of technological development – and holds at its core:
Harmony with nature: the protection and improvement of the surrounding ecosystems, sustainable-thrivable circular systems, eco-design which aligns with the voice of the land.
Beauty, aesthetic and innovative design which enhances well-being on all levels.
Like-vibrational consciousness of those living in the communities, in that whilst each individual is valued in their uniqueness, all members operate from the same core values rooted in the wisdom of the new time.


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