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Celestial Alter

The things, spaces and people that we spend the most time with become our primary influences. These things truly shape our realities and alter our paths. Our choices therefore must come with great discernment, intuition and respect, because beginning a new relationship, with a house, person or other aspect of lifestyle, will change us – for better or worse.


This is why we must live our lives with SACREDNESS, EMPOWERMENT, BALANCE. This is life mastery. 

Your home therefore must be given equal awareness on your path of personal development, happiness, health, mastery and purpose, as your Self, because just as your body houses your spirit, so your home houses your body and your life.

The ancients that lived in harmony with heaven and earth understood this, and chose their place of dwelling with great respect and connection, yet modern people, even those who have embraced many healing pathways, are swayed by certain imbalances from years of an imbalanced society.

Your home should be your absolute sanctuary. In your dwelling you should not only feel completely at home and as if in a sanctuary, but you should also feel inspired, lifted, balanced and able to bring your creativity into actualisation.


The ideal situation is to create a home that is in absolute alignment with your highest essence and purpose on Earth - one which reflects who you are now and leads you further and greater.

Most people unconsciously choose homes that reflect not only their light side, but also any patterns of block, darkness and imbalance. Having this cleared is an essential part of any personal regime for health, happiness and positive relationships.


If your home is not currently aligned, there is much that can be done to clear and reset the pathways. For more information on space clearing work and home detox tips, please go to my sister site, AURAMASTERY.

Space Detox & Alignment:

Tips & Advice 

Did you know that you can lift and shift the energy of your home with some simple changes?

Superficial design changes may not be able to shift deep energetic imprints etc, but they can still dramatically alter the energy of your home.

Sacred Space:

Bringing Altars into the New Time

Altars are focusing points for positive energy, intention and beauty. Part art and part 'medicine,' they can become both power centres in the home, and sources of tremendous fun and creativity - bringing more light and positive energy to the home in this way. 


Space Clearing & Reading,  Design Consulting

Receive an instant health and happiness boost within your own being, life and relationships - as well as that of your family: 

Book a professional Space Clearing to shift stuck energies and negative imprints and gain insights on what energetic patterns have been bringing you down. 


- minimal effort for optimal benefit

"We shape our dwellings and our dwellings shape our lives."

Winston Churchill

"Your sacred space is where you can find yourself over and over again."

Joseph Campbell


You cannot have a life that is clear, radiant and harmonious,

if you live in a house that is cluttered, dark and poorly designed


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