Forget any associations you currently have about altars as being ancient things in churches, shrines or religious peoples' homes. 


Altars should be thought of and used as focal points for anchoring and radiating high frequency energy and beauty.


They instantly create sacred space, because you cannot create an altar without bringing your full awareness, intention, creativity and feeling to it. Love goes into the creating of an altar, no matter if it's just a few pretty things arranged together on a bed side table or a full shelf of objects of spiritual meaning. 

Some altars can also be created and infused with magical intention: as a portal for divine energy to pour into your space, or as a holding point for a particular dream or desire for more beauty/nature/light/fun in your life. They can also be a constantly moving piece of sacred art, whereby in frequently changing the altar, you are refreshing the energy, keeping things in the now, and using the altar to bring awareness to your own inner state in motion.   

To create DIVINE LIFE MASTERY, your whole home and life needs to be treated with the same love and reverence and appreciation for beauty and balance as an altar. Yet to start with one or two focal points in your home, garden or other space will make a significant difference in bringing this energy to your life.  


  • Gather together some things that you find beautiful and sacred. Select only things that you love. If it doesn't inspire love then leave it. 

  • Decide on the intention for your altar - whether to simply create a focus point for sacredness and beauty, or something more specific. 

  • From this intention, decide where the altar should go and clear a space for it.

  • Drop your centre of consciousness and energy into the heart, and play around with creating an arrangement, moving pieces around until they land in a way that inspires you and lights up your cells.  

"Your sacred space is where you can find yourself over and over again."

Joseph Campbell

To create a beautiful home that embodies the power & purpose of an altar in its entirety, emanating beauty, positivity, and other energies you wish it to inspire - free of negative imprints and energies left from previous owners, bad feng shui, and other negative energy releases - book a professional space clearing and design consultation.


Check out SACRED LIVING for details, or:

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