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'to rescue is to not trust in the spirit of life, and then you have broken your own connection to the spirit of life'

One of the most painful realisations in life comes when you can see so much beauty in someone yet cannot heal their wounds; cannot save them from their suffering despite seeing their potential for happiness, can only witness their lack of self love, knowing they can also then never love another nor fully know another's love.

It is the hardest thing, to let them go, entrusting their soul to the spirit of life, knowing that they may not feel the deep peace of wholeness for many years, a lifetime, or several. It is hard to witness what seems a waste of so much beauty and potential, that could be made manifest right here and now... But there is no other way, for to rescue is to not trust in the spirit of life, and then you have broken your own connection to the spirit of life and fallen into suffering yourself. Some people can be helped and some cannot.

There is nothing to do to help another, just as there is nothing to do to help your self. There is only opening to that which moves your being in the most natural and true way. There is only the spirit of life that asks you to surrender in one instance and fuels your fire with radiant action in another. There is nothing that can be grabbed hold of, and no person's course that can be corrected by your intervention alone.

There is, an invitation, always, to open further, to let go and let your heart break open, to feel the pain of another layer breaking open, allowing the spirit of life to shine through you even brighter.

As if in response to this reflection, the universe today brought this magical creature into my life... I could not save her, and feeling sad would not help her. I could only wrap her in a cocoon of love and light and gratitude... as we sat together and watched the sun go down, me and my beloved friend who would inevitably soon die.

The synchronicity of her appearance was not lost on me... we were even wearing the same colours: shades of brown and light pink. She helped me to understand the answer to a question I was pondering this day... about whether I give in order to receive. In loving her so completely, I understood that I loved because there is so much love in me, not because I want anything. And yet in being this way, I do receive so much, for this was the most meaningful hour of my day.

And yet at the same time I saw my own wounded self in her, that of course wishes to be loved in the way I was loving her... yes, the mirror was there, the meaning reflecting back at me with such deep beauty. Thank you mariposa for coming to me today in your place of deepest vulnerability... may you fly free back to the earth mother spirit.


I wrote a spiritual romance and adventure novel about the power of letting go, which coincidently is called Butterfly Aperture!!!

Butterfly analogies arise several times in this book, which is unanimously loved by all who read it, and is ideal for anyone who is interested in a wide range of spiritual topics yet still loves a good story!!!

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