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Until 5 years ago, I was all about the light, as many people are today. Light and more light was what was needed, to reach enlightenment (funnily enough) and raise the vibration of the planet.

Being a light being, this was relatively easy for me. It was my first nature. I had always struggled with the concept of having a physical body, and by the time I was done with 12 years of meditation I was right up there with the angelic beings, shimmering in the sunlight, needing to be alone in nature all the time lest some lower vibrations bring my frequency down – which they always did, because I had burned away all of the protective energy in my aura. I did not realise I was doing this – I thought the more spiritually connected I became the more I would be protected or rather, simply untouchable.

Thankfully, in training as an Aura Mediator, the teachings of Anni Sennov truly did enlighten me! I realised that light burns through density, yet as physical beings on a physical planet, that density is needed, so too much light can actually be harmful. Our physical existence, as well as Source, is made of light and dark, so why would we want to increase the light as opposed to simply increasing wholeness? It is the play of light and dark that creates life, and the perfect balance of which, physical beauty.

I learned that spirit descending into matter too quickly equates to physical death – and this is why for thousands of years yogis were under strict training to gradually open up their consciousness and strengthen their bodies so that the light of Source did not burn their nervous systems. Following an AuraTransformation, the spirit gradually descends into the body, with the aid of a balancing energy in the aura making this possible over a short space of time. Nonetheless it is important for clients to work with this balance in their systems, for focusing on light alone will increase the intensity of spirit entering the body, and the body may get fried, leading to various symptoms.

It was a long time ago now that my body ‘crystallised’ and I do not have to worry about establishing balance in my energy field anymore… until very recently when I inadvertently tested this theory out.

I have reached a place where I can now eliminate any superficial ill feeling in my body, like a stomach ache, within seconds of applying my healing focus. I had always been interested in cellular healing and as my body still displays some symptoms of imbalance every now and then, I thought I would experiment with applying the same healing focus for extended periods on a daily basis to correct everything in my body all at once! I immediately caught a cold, which could naturally be interpreted as cellular release or healing crises, but after a few days, I was also not sleeping, and felt quite ungrounded and energetically ‘thinner.’

I was curious as to whether these were just symptoms that I needed to work through, or whether I was causing a negative imbalance. I tuned into it and got the answer. The instant I activated the balance energy in me I felt a drastic shift back into my usual balanced, grounded, powerful, self. I didn’t realise how much I was going off track until I reunited with my balance again.

Using the healing light energy in a targeted way for specific ailments or purposes is fine, but overthrowing the balance only creates more imbalance – naturally!

Likewise, the energy in the collective human consciousness and on the planet was much more dense in the past, so a huge influx of light was needed to shift into a greater balance. Yet the frequency of the earth and human consciousness has now achieved this, so that light and dark are in equal measure, but they have not integrated or found balance on a collective scale. It is creating wholeness that we now need to focus on.

We need both light and dark, spirit and matter, inner and outer, masculine and feminine. To tear them apart is to further the wound of separation that we are all healing from. Light and dark love and need one another. Light needs dark for protection, manifesting, building and touching. Dark needs light for joy, elevation and purpose.

So instead of trying to detach from your density, from your darkness, just raise the frequency of it instead and look for balance.

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