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There are certain people in this world that I absolutely adore and love inexorably and seemingly inexplicably. I am not talking about my family here (I love them too!), nor the friends I have known for the longest. I am talking about people who I perhaps ‘fell in love with’ from the very first moment we met, others more gradually – like by the second time we met! I am a social person, but I don’t have a huge amount of juice for socialising, and I am very tuned in about who I see and when, preferring to spend my energy on my life purpose projects! Nonetheless, these are people that I would drop everything to see if they needed me, people who no matter how unsociable I felt or how busy I was, it would still warm my heart and put a shine on my face to see them.

Yet I could further divide this set of people into two groups. In the first group I now understand to be my soul family. Now again, I am not talking about the wider soul family made up of people that you have reincarnated with from previous lives who you may feel a strong connection with or not in this life, and some of whom may be people that stir you up in the wrong kind of way! I am talking about the core soul family that are your kin and may have come from the same place in the Universe as you. Most of the time, these people only show up as you get clearer in your vibration and further down your spiritual path.

For me, these are the most beautiful beings I know. Being surrounded by a vast and rich spiritual community that spreads across the south of England, I am fortunate to know many shiny light beings, but I am referring to certain individuals, who when I look into their eyes, I fall into a kind of heaven. It is as though we are from the same source, from the same planet, for we have the same energy and we have been incarnating on Earth enough times to have shared the same challenges here. Meeting the eyes of another of the same kind transports us home. Our hearts expand, our breathing deepens, and it feels like we could literally just rest in that space… for, hmm, maybe ever? The connection feels like it is literally beyond space and time and being on Earth feels somewhat irrelevant. This is an important point to note for comparison. Although we may share our plans, hopes and dreams with each other and support and inspire one another, the bond is not based on these things. What we talk about is a scattering of glitter on the deep lake of feeling created by our being in each other’s presence. We could actually be anywhere or go anywhere – including off the planet – and we would still be in the bliss from being with that other person who reflects back our own essence of consciousness.

I’m sure this resonates for a lot of readers – or at least has great appeal! Many years ago nothing would have sounded more appealing than this kind of connection, and I did indeed yearn to meet and be with these people above all else except enlightenment. I yearned to live in a community in nature with my soul family. Yet now another group of people have begun to emerge in my life. These are my spirit family – or you could also say, Crystal family, if using the terminology of the ‘New Time Energy.’

There is less emotionality present with this group, they cause less of a swelling in the heart, although love is, as emphasised earlier, just as present. The energy between us instead oscillates at a higher vibration; not the deep restful ocean of feeling, but rather a joyous, creative activity on a higher plane. Our spirits seem to recognise each other, and yet whether we have incarnated together or not and where we have come from – our planet of origin, our history on Earth – is irrelevant; all that matters is that we are here together now and for a purpose. Our bond is based entirely on our igniting each other’s Heart-Centres – generating ideas, inspirations, projects, passion. It is all exactly about being here now on Earth. With the spirit group it is about activity not stillness, it is about our purpose now, not our journey past. Whereas the soul family connection is based on similarity of being, the spirit family connection is fired by our differences which make us complementary. In my experience, your spirit family could be from a wide rage of backgrounds, different age-groups and so on.

It makes sense that these connections are coming in now because of where we are at in terms of planetary evolution and also in our own energy standpoints. The children being born today will only know these kind of connections with people, as they are born completely into the New Time Energy, and therefore do not have karma to work out or any kind of focus on the past. Their purpose in being on Earth is to experience their energy on the material plane in full power, and in doing so, contribute something to the planet as a whole. Their spirit family is already out there waiting to appear at the right time and place for the purpose-appropriate creative sparks to occur. Likewise it was only after I crystallised (following an AuraTransformation) to a sufficient degree that these people began to show up in my life. Their presence on Earth makes life more fun and interesting – and whilst my purpose can only come about through my own actions, it is also inextricably linked to a smaller or greater degree for each person, to these people being in my life.

Can soul family become spirit family? In my experience so far, any efforts made to bring the two together – and I have made a few attempts, although I am by no means expert of this scenario - have come to nothing. It is as if they are two very separate currents of energy that refuse to bend to meet in the middle! The ‘soul’ and ‘spirit’ energies (in the language of an Aura Mediator) generally speaking outside of relationships are two very different energies, demarcating the old time and the new time on Earth. It may be that my soul family have not brought themselves fully into the new time energy yet, or it may be that once you are soul family you can never be spirit family. I still subscribe to the idyllic vision of all these beautiful beings somehow weaving together at some point in the future, but only time will tell.

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