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Meditator on San Juanillo beach, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

'There is no single route to the state of consciousness known as meditation, just as there is no single type of person seeking it, and in fact meditation is a very broad term, as there are many many subtleties of consciousness states'

During a devout 12-year period of daily meditation practice from 2000 to 2012, which I initiated after exposure to Buddhism, Taoism, Jung and a very traditional form of Tiger Crane kung fu that I began practising whilst living in Greater London and Surrey in England, I tried every single technique I could find, until a resonant method, or combination of methods took hold that could take me all the way to the paradise of enlightenment. At the peak of this time, I reached a place where I could instantly access and remain in liberated consciousness for days, and intensely blissful union with the Infinite for many hours. This was a time when I sought no other goal from my life, and could devote myself completely to this paradise! It was a good time!

These days I am half there and fully committed to earth life due my purpose here, which demands a greater involvement and therefore challenges my greater expansive experience. But this is not a problem, due to the AuraTransformation I received in 2012 which has anchored my higher spiritual energy to my most material energy, so that I don’t have to choose one over the other anymore. This is a key part of the New Time Energy pathway unfolding on Earth, which you can read more about here.

For now, for millions of adults around the world, meditation is still a key practice for the unfolding of their consciousness and increasing overall wellbeing and health, and I still use it from time to time to drop into deeper bliss states. Gratefully, despite not having a daily practice anymore for several years, I still no longer have to use a technique to take me there because the pathways are so embedded that I can switch to a higher meditative consciousness state with just the intention and very little effort. The same is true for anyone who practices any technique for long enough.

There is no single route to the state of consciousness known as meditation, just as there is no single type of person seeking it, and in fact meditation is a very broad term, as there are many many subtleties of consciousness states, all equally beautiful and expansive and liberating, yet very different once you begin to traverse these realms with greater familiarity. So some techniques will be more appropriate for one person over another, just as certain higher consciousness states will be more resonant for some than others.

During my time as a meditation teacher, I did not then stick to one or two techniques but offered students a range of techniques and guided experiences so that they could feel for themselves which works best for them – whilst keeping a thread of continuity throughout the techniques so that a progression could be achieved over the course of the classes.

Below is a list of twelve meditation techniques that I have used personally and with students. Some achieve more traditional mindful meditation states, whilst others are more about deepening connection with the finer auric bodies and opening intuition for instance. I have not mentioned well known and established schools of practice like Vipassana and Kriya as those are committed paths that one can do their own research on. The following techniques can be experimented with right now… If you are completely new to meditation, then please do a bit research on basic sitting posture etc first. You can google some of the following too to find out more.

In no particular order, with a brief summary:


1. Mindfulness / Non-judgemental observation of inner reality, e.g. thought, emotion, sensation

The most typical form of meditation, mindfulness is about becoming the observer of your experience, so that you are no longer taken hostage upon the monkey mind’s eternal and infernal mental rollercoaster.

Start with observing the natural rhythm of the breath without judgement. Gradually extend this to the realms of your thoughts, feelings and sensations, so that you are only witnessing these inner experiences as if watching them on a screen. The key is to not identify or engage with them, not judge or want to change them. Just observe them as if they have nothing to do with you personally. You will soon realise that there is truth in this, for you are the consciousness behind the experiences, not the experiences themselves. This leads to liberation

2. Tan Tien Breath

Get into a good sitting position or stand in the ‘horse stance’ – feet wider than shoulder width apart, toes lightly turned inward, knees bent, spine straight, chin down, tongue to soft palette, hands cupped over the Tan Tien. The Tan tien is an important energy centre just below the navel where one’s life force energy is stored and can be gathered and utilised.

As you breathe in, imagine the breath as light, coming in through the Tan Tien, then circulating up the back of the spinal column into the back of the head. As you breathe out, imagine the breath/light coming forward over the top of the head and down the front of the spinal column, all the way down into the ground. Imagine this as a cleansing cycle, where the in-breath gathers any unwanted energies and the out breath flushes them out of the body into the ground.

3. Heart Consciousness – simply feeling a present state of beingness

Start your meditation by simply observing the breath as before, then with intention and imagination, drop the focal point of your consciousness down from your head and into the centre of your chest, the place of the heart chakra.

For people just starting this, it may take some practice. It provides an entirely different quality of consciousness. In comparison to the heart, having one’s consciousness point in the head feels hard, focusing and not surprisingly, mental. When in the heart chakra, you slip into a state of thoughtless beingness, where there are no problems anymore, only peaceful and blissful emanations.

4. Sacred inner sanctuary in the heart

Extending upon the last one, imagine that there is a sacred, sanctuary that is only and eternally yours, which exists beyond this physical realm, beyond space and time, and this life. It is indestructible, and always present as your sacred sanctuary, your piece of eternal paradise, and you can access it in your heart any time you wish. Nothing can reach you there. Nothing that happens in this world can effect this place or you in this place.

Go there in your heart, in your imagination, and look around and feel the peace.

5. Expanding Awareness – outside of the aura and out into the universe

Similar to the first mindfulness practice of observing one’s inner reality without judgement or attachment, you can begin to then extend your non-judgemental pure-consciousness based awareness outside of the perimeters of your body. Bring your awareness to the space in front of the body, behind and to each side, then slowly expand the range of your consciousness further and further out.

The key is to maintain the sense of non-judgement in relation to being aware of everything that exists in your outer reality, until you have encapsulated the whole universe.

6. Dissolution of self identity into pure consciousness – ‘I am the field and the knower of the field’

This can be practiced as an extension of the previous technique, whereby you start to let go of your individual identity and the illusion of this world as categories of things, and instead see your ‘self’ as a point of consciousness in the field of infinity that is the universe, where all ‘things’ are actually waves of energy with different vibratory frequencies.

Imagine and concentrate on the idea that in truth you are both the point of consciousness observing the infinite field of creation, as well as being the infinite field of creation that you are observing. This may become easier over time and in conjunction with the other techniques.

7. Opening the chakras

Familiarise yourself with the chakras. Enter an inner still place with observing the breath as before. Go through each of your chakras starting with the base and working up to the crown, opening each of them with your intention, imagining the energy clear and strong, in alignment with the healthy potentials of each chakra.

Once you’ve reached and opened up the crown, you can bask in that state for some time. Afterwards, close the centres back down – not in the sense of shutting them down, but rather bringing the energy in to a more protected, sealed state so that you are not walking around wide open (a mistake many spiritual people make, for until you are mature in your understanding of how energies work between people, you are going to unconsciously lose yours and sponge up other peoples’. This is another reason why many people choose to have an AuraTransformation).

8. Energy clearing – calling all energy back, other energy away, resting in own energy

Once you’ve centred and stilled yourself and have dropped within, send the intention and command, ‘I now call all energy rightful mine back to me in cleansed form. I now send all energy not mine back to where it came from. I now balance my energies.’ With each statement, imagine your energy returning / other energies leaving, and observe any changes you feel within.

Afterwards just stay with the observation and feelings present – you are energetically as whole and clear as you can be without having professional aura work done, and it can be a beautiful meditation to simply be present with yourself in this way.

9. Body Conversation – work through the body talking to each part.

This is less of a meditation and more of an exercise in expanding your awareness of energy and intuition, as well as it being very healing and transformative. Yet it is also a meditation technique because it focuses the mind, plus you have to practice shifting into a different consciousness state to be able to really receive any information.

Get into an inwardly still, centred, witnessing place. Bring your full attention and imagination, to the feet, and observe the quality of energy there, and have a conversation – ask them how they are and if they have a message for you. Continue upwards through the body with every part of your body.

10. Walking in Nature meditation

For many people, sitting still is too challenging, and this may be something to work through or it may be unnecessary. The goal is the consciousness state, not the method, so the method can be flexible. Nature raises your vibration effortlessly and walking helps to gain perspective and let go.

The key here is to have the discipline to drop your life and your thoughts immediately upon entering the natural place you are going to walk in. Just let them go, and be present to the natural world you are entering. Observe with all your senses the beauty and elements and feel with your imagination and sixth sense the energy of all the plants and trees around you. Find something that makes you pause in child-like wonder.

11. Unity Breath / Heaven and Earth meditation

The Unity Breath meditation comes from a book called Flower of Life by Drunvalo Melchizedek, but the overall idea is fairly universally used and sometimes called Heaven and Earth meditation in more shamanic circles. Drunvalo’s version is quite extended and you can easily spend an hour in it. It is extremely beautiful and I love guiding it for new students. It is too long to guide here, so I will just give the essence of the Heaven and Earth meditation.

Imagine a place in nature that is completely beautifu; for you, feel your love flow, until you feel love for Mother Earth as a whole; send your love to her, and feel her love coming back. Stay connected to Her and imagine an aspect of the cosmos that equally blows you open and send your love to Father Sky, and feel His love returned.

12. Gatekeeper Meditation – from the New Earth Mastery Course

This meditation is part of NEW EARTH MASTERY, an advanced meditation and mastery online course. So it cannot be shared in this blog but I couldn’t not include it in the list as it is the culmination of 12 years of meditation and mastery work and forms the teachings of the White Temple!


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