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Realise the power

& potential of your consciousness




Each month is dedicated to one of the twelve primary archetypes of the:

master / healer / magician / shaman / yogi / spirit warrior

The twelve archetypes have been present throughout the ages & when activated & integrated together form the whole and unified potential of divine-human consciousness. 

The program is composed of:

A monthly live workshop

(Usually a day in nature on a weekend, to receive the wisdom initiation of each archetype)

The mastery workbook

(A comprehensive guide - see below)

Group and 1:1 mentoring

(Available ongoing, as the student progresses through the workbook)


The program includes a comprehensive workbook that the initiate can progress through in their own time and receive support with throughout the duration of the course. It's content includes for instance:


The guided Gatekeeper Meditation:

- Each archetype is known as a Gatekeeper, for it guards an essential initiation to another gateway of potential.

- This meditation will comprise the initiate's primary practice in integrating the work.

The cosmology of mastery:

- The process of integration and embodiment.

- How to work with the wounded child / shadow aspects.

- The relevance to the ancient mystery school teachings.

- The three great cycles of mastery embodiment: Initiation, Mastery, Creation. 

- The blocks and misconceptions, the key practices, and what it truly means to become a 'Gatekeeper.' 


Personal Development work:

- For healing, balance and wholeness.

- Working with the four elements, with masculine and feminine, and with the triple God/Goddess archetypes. 

- Specific focus on interpersonal relationship dynamics. 

Due to the multi-layered depth of this program, it has relevance to those that are new to mastery or likewise those who are practiced meditators and shamanic practitioners.


Many people on an awakening path today have reached a level of initiation, yet feel stuck and unable to move forward into full mastery, all while the energies now on the planet are creating pressure for people to do exactly that: to expand, centre, align and empower into full CoCreator beings.

By working with the Master Code archetypes in a specific order in meditation and with true intention, a pathway is revealed that takes the student through varying levels of integration, from Initiation, to Mastery, to Creation. You get to decide how deeply to work with it by what you want from it; yet it offers the student a life long path. 

The MASTERY PROGRAM is the culmination of twelve years of personal development, meditation, journeying, and vision questing in deep communion in Nature - whereby the final teachings were directly transmitted during an extended period of meditative nature immersion in 2012 - followed by a further seven years of fully integrating the teachings.  

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Watch the introductory videos

For more information, or to book a place on the next year program, please get in touch!

Please note that places are limited to twelve per year. 



12 x payments of £144

OR £1700 if paid in full at start.​

What next?

"I am still buzzing! It was such a profound course and it’s an exceptional and beautiful work that I feel will be the foundation for me now to move from as a light worker. Doing (or should I say being!) the Mastery Program and connecting with the 12 – 14 energies rather than just one universal energy as we did for the Co-Creation retreat was very advanced. I came away with no excuses and confidence in manifesting my vision and not being afraid of being hurt."

"I felt that the Healer, the Transmuter, the Purifier and the Magician now gives the light worker tools to heal as you go. With the transition we are in now on this planet it’s so important that light workers are able to manifest their visions. In fact using these energies the light worker now becomes unstoppable: a light warrior that can self heal and suffer no wounds. It’s almost like the light worker 2.0 upgrade!"

"A joy to be a part of it! Thank you Karen!" 

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