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Are you AWAKE this Christmas?

Right now, the commercial world and traditions we were all subscribed to from birth, entice us all to entrain to the glossed over la la land of Santa Claus (who we know is actually a female fly agaric mushroom picking shaman from the north), shiny newly produced presents under cut trees and fantasy stories of all being cosy and well in the world.

Yet what is truly going on in our co-created world, on our actual planet, in our universe... behind the veils of the matrix?

Firstly, right now is the last day of the COP25, a two-week long, global climate conference of 50 world leaders and 30,000 attendees, underway in Madrid, to begin 12 months of climate negotiations. The world’s best scientists are warning that we have gone too far, that the extent to which we’ve raped the planet is now nearly, unrecoverable… meaning that in only a handful of years, the engine of our current lifestyles will simply STOP.

UN Secretary General António Guterres, spoke at the conference, "the point of no return is no longer over the horizon..."

"We simply have to... take advantage of the vast possibilities offered by renewable energy and nature-based solutions."

And yet another Christmas of luxury consumerism and denial is underway, where the ironyof 'Christmas is for children' - yet is detrimental to their future is painfully apparent. (Kat George, writer on responsible consumerism, business and human rights, writes that buying "things that didn’t exist before, that took resources to create... contributes to climate change and the textile waste problem destroying the environment")

Another major planetary current is that despite the forecast given by the scientists regarding the physical status of the planet, many spiritual leaders and prophecies nonetheless speak of this in conjunction with a major cyclical upward shift in consciousness and energy. The 'New Time Energy', which I work with in facilitating AuraTransformations, was increasingly present in children being born from the late eighties; more so since the mid nineties and finally completely since the early 2000s.

This essentially means that our young people have much stronger energy fields, where their spiritual energy is fully connected with their physical bodies, so that they are more present, truthful, wilful and activated to fulfil a cellularly embedded purpose.

The dates and details of this organic transition in human energy field and corresponding consciousness are a direct match with the Mayan prophecies, our previous spiritually advanced race. Clearly, that this evolution is happening organically at this time is no coincidence.

And then there’s the reflections of our star system and beyond - our galactic mirror shining radiations of truth down upon us all here on Earth.

The astrological message to us, though it varies in detail from month to month, is ultimately never anything but a call to rise up - an entreaty, an invitation, a provocation, or a pure beseechment, to us - you, and me, and as many of us as possible, to rise up out of the ashes of our ’stuff,’

To break loose from the chains of our soporific conditioning, lay down our attachments to playing victim and staying small, burn our stories of disempowerment, and dissolve the illusions that we are anything except limitless divine beings who are here to co-create and steward this beautiful planet-world together, and stand for that original life force streaming through our hearts - of absolute truth, fearless integrity, freedom of expression, joy and wonder, compassion, divine wisdom, and whatever pure and natural gifts we each individually have.

So there we have it. A planet on the verge of irrecoverable breakdown, a rapid acceleration of human energy-fields, and a star system begging us all to throw off the veils of illusion and make a stand for who we really are.

So who are you going to be?

Another pawn in the matrix entranced by the kaleidoscopic hypnosis of Christmas (for example?)

Or, an Awake Ambassador, standing for a New Earth?


In the coming years there is going to be a radical shift in consciousness - both by evolution and by force - in all arenas, but notably in the business world, and in the way communities function. There'll also be a higher demand for crisis work. People will need help to make this transition into a conscious and regenerative future on Earth.

It is precisely due to this constellation in our current reality that I am providing an opportunity for certain people to work with me me and train to become group facilitators, 1:1 coaches, or stronger leaders - and beyond. If this your calling, then I have designed a nine-month journey especially for you. Courses run twice per year, and the first one starts in February 2020. More details are on the website, but please get in touch for a deeper understanding of what the course entails and how it can benefit you... and/or book an experience session with me.

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