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What does it mean to truly live in this new paradigm - or any paradigm for that matter which is a desirable reality to live within?

Following on from a previous blog, whereupon the stuck energies of a house were revealed in a series of signs about the suppression of the female shadow, the theme of shadow nonetheless continued to ripen in my psyche for further wisdom to crystallise.

No one wants to focus on the shadow sides of life, unless they have some deep imbalances which prevents them living their live in joy, peace and mastery. Most people that visit the White Temple, will have already come very far in their consciousness journey and therefore are on the path of living in joy, with purpose, from the heart. Yet what about living in truth? That is not the same as focusing on shadow, but rather requires bringing awareness to it.

The beginning of my spiritual awakening inevitably entailed a long journey of healing, of facing inner demons and training myself to face outer ones - in the form of others' negativity primarily. I came through that into the realm of light, love and peace. Now my work is to free others from dense, stuck, lower vibrational energies.

But have I completed all the work on myself, am I truly free of all that could possibly stall me? To stand firm in the new paradigm - in absoluteness, one must be truly completely free of all lower paradigm energy. Any of that energy that remains unnoticed is therefore one's shadow, or lies in the shadow, and if your Spirit is present enough, Spirit shall seek to direct your attention there.

We all know, that to leave fears, doubts, insecurities and head-based beliefs behind is the name of the game, and I can gladly say that the new time energy, my spirit, heart and cellular consciousness guides my life. Still, I gladly accepted the invitation to go to the next level and root out anything lurking in the shadow.

Indeed I rooted out the following juicy shadow themes:

- A reluctance to share the whole truth with people if there is risk of causing them to feel jealous, disappointed, inferior, disconnected, or to judge me. I believed this to be tact and wisdom, but further inquiry has revealed that I am in fact doing a disservice.

- A fear of fully sharing my wisdom, mastery and gifts with others, out of fear of having energy stolen, being copied, eliciting competition, provoking judgement, and triggering others' wounds. This fear has been holding me back all my life, and although it constantly diminishes, it is in fact still present, and must now be left behind.

- Doubts about the validity of my intuitions, of my path, that weaken the strength of my joy and therefore diminish my power. Still!!! the problem is that once you let doubt in - even for a second, you have compromised your energy, and therefore your power: there is a virus in the system so to speak, so your vibration may drop and you won't even realise it because you are now in it - you no longer see from as clear a perspective. Just like any war strategy - or the Art of War, let's say - you must protect and watch over every single possible entrance to your kingdom. One rat can create a devastating fall. Whilst I do not engage in a light-dark war, for I advocate wholeness and union of light and dark, I also appreciate the validity of this analogy.

- Procrastination and inaction regarding my purpose work, due to the above fears and preoccupations.

- And finally, I had to admit that there within me still lies the potential for abandonment fears to resurface.

I can so easily share these things because I feel no shame or attachment to them - I do not even view them as a part of me in fact. Rather as one with Source everything is within me, and these things have become specific knots on the fabric of my inner cosmos as they have something important on my journey to teach me, that's all. There is no drama.

The next level therefore regarding committing to the new paradigm, to being a fearless pioneer, a Goddess, Warrioress of the New Time, is to, now that I have brought what has been in shadow into the light, continue to burn through them with the light, until only any wisdom gained from them remains.

A further reading with tarot cards reinforced that all shadow and fear but be brought up for reckoning - nothing can remain unseen - for this is the time to SHINE, with the GREATEST LIGHT OF YOUR SPIRIT.


On a different but related note, I was struck again yesterday, as I have been before, by the facial expressions of the models when looking through images of women to depict various meanings. The above photo is quite dark, as so her expression fits the theme, but no matter what theme you are looking for, the facial expressions are the same - defensive, unhappy, struggling, egoic, or arrogant. In every photo, where to portray that kind of attitude is somehow fashionable, I see only wounds... the wounds of the old paradigm.

Bringing the imbalances of the old paradigm out into the light is the first and foremost goal of the New Time Energy.

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