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The universe is always speaking to us through signs and synchronicities. Most people who find themselves reading this already know this, and have learnt to trust this language. Yet imagine that this communication is always present, often in ways that to untrained senses can be very subtle and easily missed.

Recently I was staying with a friend whose new temporary home I performed a clearing on. Upon arriving, I noticed the angles and blocks of the space and felt a little constricted, though I also found the space 'focusing' - a more positive interpretation, and I did feel like the space supported me concentrating on work.

During the space clearing session, I saw the spirit of a girl that lived on the property a long time ago. There was a story of shame around her, and she was forced to not be seen or heard. A darkness grew around her. I observed that there was a strong presence of light and love and positivity in the energy of the property, and, very separately, was the hidden feminine shadow. This property would attract owners whereby the women would suppress their shadows under the forced influence of the masculine energy - either coming from the outside or within. I instantly recognised the pattern in the current owner, who insists on putting on a front of cheerfulness and staying in control all the time no matter what is happening for her.

I then felt more clearly the presence of the masculine energy in the space - the sharp angles, directed flow, minimalist square furniture in black and white. There was no room for feminine energy in the space, and this is why I was feeling both constricted and focused. Add to this the constant sound of traffic from a busy road - people on a mission to get somewhere - and you have a very masculine dominant space.

No wonder the feminine had become dark, her wounds were flared, which only causes the undivine-masculine to try to further suppress her.

Reporting back to my friend the next day unleashed several days worth of sign-seeing. She shared a dream she'd had the night after the clearing of her father dying and a little girl of light being born - the masculine giving way to the light feminine child. This triggered the meaning of the dream I had had the night before the clearing: a little girl was lost, but it turned out that the whole time she was hidden asleep under her uncle's duvet.

It continued. Neither of us had ever had any interest in Fifty Shades of Grey, yet the other night we had watched it - a story about a controlling man with a hidden darkness wanting female 'submissives.' The other movie we had allowed on - I say allowed because neither of us were engaged and knew why we had it on - was an adaptation of Hansel and Gretel, who become witch hunters: another play on shadow.

My friend also shared that whilst her recent growth had been about becoming more feminine, the day before I did the clearing she had looked in the mirror and was struck by how masculine she looked again.

We then discovered that the property was the childhood home of Anneka Rice - who despite being very feminine in appearance is famous for being very masculine in her way of being, as evident in programs like 'Challenge Anneka.'

The signs and synchronicities continued to weave together, but you get the picture. After making triple sure the space was cleared, we filled it with fresh flowers and some other feminine touches, and after re-feminising ourselves with a couple days spent in Somerset with our friend who embodies the light goddess very effortlessly, we were feeling much more effervescent again!

These connected threads of communication were there all along, but who and how often does someone stop and take notice of these seemingly separate and subtle connections? Neither of us recognised the theme before I intentionally tuned into the energies of the property and then it all fell into place, though I hope we would have seen the theme eventually!

But this message of 'Are you listening?' extends further beyond one's home. Are you listening to the signs about your health? Your purpose? What about the unfolding direction of what is happening on the planet?

If you feel there may be imbalanced energies at work in your home, you can book an energy reading and clearing with me now - from anywhere in the world.

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