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Happy New Year...

Never give up on your dream, for that is to give up on your heart. You have the power of creator within you, and you carry a spark of unique creation that is yours to make manifest. Life will only reflect your inner creating, so if you give up on your dream, life will give up too. But if you never give up, life will keep working for you, with you, until the blossom pours forth.

Don't let anything kill that dream - not a thousand stories of disappointment, not a grieving heart, not an ancestral line of broken hopes and false expectations, and not the river of disempowerment ever swimming in the collective consciousness. You will get lost. You will doubt. You will have to leave people that you love, you will have to face fears and be willing to be stretched.

These challenges are not indications that you are failing, that your dreams are only illusion and your heart has betrayed you. They are shaping you into the person that fits your dreams. You may only see your dreams and not the 'you' that is there living them. But the you that fits your dreams has had to have faith against all odds, has vision, resilience, courage and a pure heart. You must become this person for the sake of your dreams, which are not really yours but heart seeds of the Earth Mother and Infinite Creator planted in the soil of your heart.

You must strengthen, you must realise that life on Earth is challenging yes, but you are a divine artist in an open canvas, and your thoughts, beliefs and intentions are the brush and paint. You have to work through the disempowering thoughts. You have to witness them as logs that don't even belong to you floating on the river of your clear consciousness. Our thoughts, beliefs, patterns have no truth, no power if we do not grab hold of them. You have to stay in your heart and let it shine out in positivity and openness. You have to take responsibility for this. It's the only way.

You must take mastery here. It's not always easy, but it is simple. Keep going. Just as you are waiting for your dream to unfold, so is your dream waiting for you. Never lose faith, for so much is hanging on it... so many smiles, so much joy, so much love, infinite permutations of goodness.

But make sure it is a pure dream. Not one that you have created from the mind - that one will certainly betray you. A pure dream is one that came to find you, that suddenly illuminates you, yet you now realise it was always there. It sets your cells on fire and your heart will never be the same again. Never close that gate, no matter how far you must travel or what it costs. Take the adventure, follow the glimmers of illumination that your heart shows you. Take the challenge, be stretched. Become who you must become and go where you must go. You can do it.


I have AuraTransformation and the New Earth Mastery path to thank for providing me with all the skills, power, vision and purpose needed for me to actualise the dreams given to my heart. And sharing these tools of transformation with you is part of it!

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