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When I began my business, IofSpirit, I wrote an article, representative of the energetic influences in the collective consciousness, every month to three months. Like many others in my position, I experienced these energetic fluctuations with insightful clarity, such that I could then write about them. Being so sensitive to the energetic waves in the collective was ‘a pain’ in some respects, but also a blessing.

Since 2012, by contrast, I haven’t done this because the energetic waves I experience are mostly only my own. I have pulled all my energy out of the collective now thanks to AuraTransformation, although I feel more ‘one’ with the Great Spirit and Gaia than ever before.

Imagine that God/Source/Divine Consciousness has released zillions of little drops of her/himself, with each drop setting off in completely unique journeys. For the adventures they are to take, they will need to be adorned with various layers that God has also created. The first and foremost layer is that which will define everything else about the journey; is the core energetic blueprint that will demarcate the uniqueness of each drop, e.g. this drop will receive God’s ‘peace’ frequency, such that in her adventures at different levels of Creation, her personality and journey will be influenced by this frequency, whilst this other drop over here will receive God’s elemental wisdom frequency.

Each drop receives a unique set of frequencies that forms the first core layer. Although this is an adornment, it is however still of the highest purest divine frequency and is really what creates each drop as individual.

If one of these drops makes it all the way to the dimension and creation of Earth, let’s say before 2012, when the third dimension was still tightly gripping the planet, she would have to wear many layers, and the one that most correlates with the place in Creation she is, is the one that is least true to her first pure layer of essence: the physical body.

But there’s a twist, because this densest layer belongs nonetheless to Earth and therefore the spirit of Earth, and so has the potential to unlock and exude the core frequencies at the heart of this particular drop of God: the essence of Gaia, in a way just as strong as the body is capable of reflecting the essence of the individual spirit residing through it.

And so the dance begins: here we see the challenge, promise and quest of coming to Earth, i.e. to experience all these layers of reality and dense earthly existence and to then dissolve through them such that the light and joy of your true essence and Earth’s true essence can shine through and begin to shape everything in your earthly life; AND, to then balance and enjoy the powers of your individual spiritual essence with that of Earth’s.

There are many obstacles and individual paths to take here, for instance, getting stuck for a long time in identification with the body and body of Earth, reconnecting with your individual essence and rejecting earthly energy or vice versa.

One of the many interesting challenges and benefits of being on Earth before 2012 was that all the little drops could help and hinder each other through the sharing and interplay of their energy layers. They could learn from one another, as well as empathise with and understand one another, beyond the limitations of verbal communication. Through the same means however, they could control, energetically steal from, and lose themselves in, one another – either consciously or unconsciously.

Ironically, the more conscious and connected with spirit one became, the greater the potential for this effect to occur. Why? Because the more you connect with your spirit, the more you invite its light to burn through the density of the other layers of your ‘aura,’ which although were keeping you (relatively) separated from your truest essence, were also keeping you (relatively) separated from other energies outside of you.

So when the light of your spirit begins to dissolve through these to become a stronger and stronger presence through your being, the result is a greater sensitivity to both the voice of your own spirit, and the energies in your environment, be they of joy or fear. The light of your energy likewise becomes more attractive and/or threatening to those who have less light and would like to learn from, steal, or control it, therefore making you likely to experience more highs and lows in your energy, periods of being easily drained, and an intuitive desire for more solitude outside of the times when you are naturally teaching or healing others.

There are various paths one could take at this junction, for instance, becoming a monk far away from society, becoming an avatar who chooses to process the pain of the collective, becoming an energy master so that you know exactly what’s happening and what to do about it, prioritising balance so that your spirit doesn’t burn all the way through and you can still lead a full earthly existence.

But then, in the period that climaxed in 2012, our galaxy, solar system and Earth made a choice for us – or rather, a new path opened up that all future humans would come to Earth enrolled on. These divine drops are now coming to Earth with a much simpler and more advanced system of layers. Their truest blueprint energy is ‘crystallised’ within their Earthly physical body and around their physical body via one other layer which acts as a balancing interface.

For the most part then, the previous challenges have been solved without losing any of the benefits, for now the truest spirit energy is entirely present at the densest earthly level, whilst the crystallisation effect ensures the energy is contained and protected.

Hence, I am no longer in the river of collective consciousness, and yet am more unified with Spirit and Gaia than before – because I am less of anything else but those two pure forces.

All adults born before 1994 can similarly enrol to this New Time program with the assistance of an AuraTransformation treatment. In the summer of 2012 I became one of the UK's first and leading Aura Mediators facilitating these radical and permanent energy treatments. See the relevant page for details.

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