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What game are you playing? The Questions you should be asking yourself...

You’re playing a game right now. We can also rephrase that to a program, or a scripted pattern, or neuronal pathway of familiarity. What is it? Maybe the self-deceiving game of, "I’m going to wait for an opportunity to fall into my lap, so that I don’t have to take responsibility,” or, the poor me lie of “no one sees me and I’m just not good enough so I’m going to stay small,” or the easily defaulted to pattern of, “I’ve got too much going on in life, I need more space, there’s never enough time, I’m not able to create anything consciously."

Spotting your game - and every nuance of how it operates - is Step One to living the life that reflects your ACTUAL True Self. Because let’s get clear now, despite certain stable factors in your life (and even those can suddenly or slowly change), most of the stuff that apparently limits you is actually very very malleable and within your power to rescript… because your reality, is one big thought.

Step Two. Is this the game you really want to be playing? The script you enjoy acting? What do you get out of it? How has it been serving you - it’s important to see that it has been serving you somehow - you created it for a reason. Are you willing to play this game for the next ten years?

If not, when are you going to slam the brakes, sober up and wake up to what’s happening?

Three. What game do you want to be playing, that’s at least one major step ahead of you now… one step healthier, or self-actualising? What is the most empowered game you could be playing? And what would you do and what would you give to be living this reality? Now ask yourself, is any alternative truly worth all of your life force?

Four. If the answers to Three are super clear to you, then enquire into what is the most powerful, effective, direct, way of taking you to the art of living this particular narrative. And balance this with what is also realistic (but be careful here - see Step Five). Brainstorm your ideas and feel the energy of each option. Imagine actually taking this action and feel what arises when you imagine moving forward on it right now.

Five. Become highly vigilant to the fact that every excuse, fear, or resistance you feel pulling you to not take those actions, are exactly symptomatic, and the very rules, of the limiting game you’ve been playing. So the first action is actually to recognise that and call yourself out on the bullshit that has infected your RIGHTFUL empowerment. Separate what could be old programming and what unequivocally needs considering. Then go back to Step Four.


Now, I know that many of you are still in deep winter mode and also feeling the power of the upcoming conjunction and so could be dealing with some heavy energy. The temptation is to close this email and forget about it. But I am going to make a special request.

I personally request, in service to your True Self and your Heart, that you book a time in your diary to create a ceremonial space and sit with these questions - and sooner rather than later.

Thank you (really, go ahead and thank yourself!).

P.S If the answer to Step Three was one of enlightened leadership, where you are living at the edge of your comfort zone albeit in a way that constantly inspires you, where you are showing up in the world with great purpose, yet feel only freedom and lightness, where you are a confident facilitator of transformation in your arena, making a powerful impact for positive change, then I am so happy to be dancing with you on this page!

And if you're ready to shift some stuff and invest in living this life, book a call or session with me.


My mission is to help switched on people who are stuck at a certain place in their journey, grow all the way into enlightened, powerful, free-spirited leaders, fulfilling their mission and spreading joy during this time on Earth, where many radical changes will happen in the next decade.

I offer a 9 month Group Facilitator and 1:1 Coaching qualification course, designed especially to skyrocket people into leadership and mastery, and come out with a qualification, confidence, community, and launchpad to uplevel their business and fulfill their mission as a facilitator/coach in their unique way. NEXT COURSE: Starting this Feb, a few places left!

I also offer unique 1:1 journeys, in the form of a few days together (residential or non-residential), or a series of sessions & experiences over a period of several months, drawing upon varied methods and an expert understanding of consciousness and energy, to assist people breakthrough and establish a new way of being.

If you are ready to invest in your self, for significant transformation, I’d love to hear from you. Those who are unfamiliar with how I work can book an Experience Session with me, before committing to a deeper journey.


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