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Today a new energetic reality is unfolding on Earth. Today's children do not operate like we did when we were young, or do now. They do not have the same energy system, and without understanding this, parents are unintentionally making many mistakes and creating imbalance in their homes instead of giving their children the right support to be who they're naturally born to be.

Due to the Earth’s movement, alignment and position in the galaxy, the base frequency of the planet has soared over the last few decades, allowing resonant higher frequency energies to take hold on the planet. This correlates with an organic evolution of consciousness and experiential reality for human beings. Specifically, it means:

  • The dynamic interfacing of spiritual energy with physicality is at the core of the new time energies’ impact both within the person and throughout the planet as a whole system.

  • Now rather than us evolving out of the earthly realm and reaching into the spiritual one, our collective mission is to bring spiritual reality to Earth, as the actual planet is evolving.

  • This results in a new platform of values around wholeness, balance, and transcendence of duality, rather than an either/or regarding the spiritual and material.

Many have heard of the new paradigm, but few understand how it is unfolding organically on Earth through the human energy field. Since the mid nineties (following a gradual cross-over from around 1987) children have been born with increasingly advanced energy.

This began with what’s known (and commonly misunderstood) as the Indigo Aura. The old mental and emotional bodies here have been replaced by a super protective, balancing 'indigo frequency' magnetic field that interfaces the fully present spirit with the physical body.

Then from 2012, every child being born has been a 'Crystal Human.' Here the spirit has ‘crystallised’ into both the indigo magnetic energy and even the physical body, evoking the very clear frequency and strength that is associated with crystals, and creating a formidable, whole and synergised human being.

Then, from 2013 the 'Golden Energy' began to show up at the cellular level in the crystal children.

All of today's adults born earlier than the nineties have a traditional karmically influenced aura. This aura houses the karma from previous lifetimes, plus emotional and mental baggage. Usually much of the pure spiritual energy is missing. The molecular structure meanwhile is fairly dense and so to access their spiritual energy people have to do a lot of meditation and other practices to burn through the density and ego layers which can commonly leave people over-sensitised and ungrounded.

Many people recognise that they are already working with these 'New Time Energies', and identify with the Indigo or Crystal impulses. This is fairly common in spiritual circles yet is not the same as having the energy fully integrated as the actual energetic structure however. When such individuals have their auras transformed they feel like they’re finally home.

In addition, there is wonderful and important benefit to families when parents of Indigo and Crystal children fully understand how these impulses are working; and especially when they have their own energy fields updated to match their childrens' via an AuraTransformation. As strange as it sounds to those unfamiliar with the concept, parents worldwide are grateful that this radical revolutionary energy treatment became available.

"​SO much beautiful stuff going on. I feel much closer to my daughter now too – I find it so much easier to do empathic listening wtih her… and guess what, she listens. We listen to each other properly. Magic! I now live in the present with my children nearly all of the time, and I seem to be attracting people into my life that I can really engage with and it’s all fantastic and so fulfilling!! How my life has changed since you did my Aura Transformation. I now know what I want, what I don’t want, and I can no longer tolerate living with things inside me that need to be said – they come out! I no longer feel guilty or shameful about feelings I have. Can’t thank you enough. I am so grateful for everything you have done for me!"

- Lucinda Gately, trauma therapist and mother from London.

Some statistics show that children are getting less intelligent, but this is because our current methods of measuring intelligence do not fit with the operating systems of current children, whom for instance are easily bored when something is not relevant to their life purpose and inner blueprint.

The Crystal Children for instance are born with their true self and purpose written deeply in their cells. This is why they are so wilful and confident in who they are - they know what they like and want right from go! They also have a hard-wired recognition for truth and balance, and react fiercely when this is not present in their environments.

Listen to the following talk to gain a greater understanding of the new energies at work in the young people. You can also get in touch to book a talk for a group of people at your home, school, event, or community, to learn about the new energy impulses operating within today's children, how they'll organically attain greater life mastery than previous generations, and how you can also attain this with an advanced and permanent energy healing, aura clearing and strengthening method called AuraTransformation.


You can also learn more about the new time energy and AuraTransformation work here, and on the official AuraTransformation website.

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