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It can be difficult on the path of self-awareness and transformation, to discern where the true source of the imbalance lies - when one comes to our awareness - and therefore what is the most effective action/non action to shift it. When pain or deep angst has been triggered, or we are aware of a persisting pattern that we are struggling to cleanly kick, the true path walker looks for answers, healing and transformation.

Yet I commonly see people jump too quickly to established or trendy ideas in the collective thought stream, and others that keep pressing the same button over and over again. If you find a transformative modality that works for you, great, but be careful about returning to it again and again as a habit or lifestyle choice if you are committed to your self actualisation.

The answer for deep insight with regards to what is truly needed now, lies in deep self-presence, in order to reach one’s direct knowing and seeing (this deep self-presence, may include, yet is not limited to the self-less infinite awareness of eastern meditation; rather this is a ‘non-spiritual bypass', embodied-unifying spirit and body, shadow work, kind of self-presence).

Yet human nature, with its lazy atrophic tendency, too easily imbeds itself in familiar trackways - and convinces itself that it’s being progressive because this is 'the best' method. Yet we all know what happens if we only eat one kind of food. If you keep using the same healing scripts, then you are like the western doctors, pressing the same medication button and not seeing the wholeness that the human being is.

At the same time there is the danger of swimming too shallowly if one is simply a healing tourist, snorting a bit of this and that and never diving deep into any method. This is not what I am advocating. Follow your true resonances, indulge them; become a master of them; but don’t let them narrow your sight or make you lazy. Yes it could be more unresolved childhood wounding, but maybe it’s just residual energy that could be cleared in half an hour. Perhaps it’s ancestral, or maybe it’s just a projection from someone close that you keep accepting. It could be that plant medicines will help, but maybe a different kind of journey will be more accurate.

Most of the time adjustments from my usual energy practices are sufficient to keep my consciousness and energy optimised. When some strong disempowered / imbalanced movement is occurring however, I normally go deeper with my routine of checks and clearings and rebalancing, and if it persists, I know I have to go deeper still into not simply my practices but rather my inner presence.

When I have experienced the most dramatic shifts, where pain and pattern have spontaneously released into sublime peace and joy, I am often surprised by how simple, and how varied the best solutions are. One time it was some gestalt chair work that was most powerful. Another time I discovered a hole in the energy field that lay beyond my normal sweep of awareness that needed re-filling. Another time it first appeared to be ancestral but it was just a mental distortion that needed to be seen. Another time there was some journey work which landed at an early mental mechanism that needed to be recognised and a different choice made. Often, with prolonged and subtle imbalance, it was simply some prolonged space and nature that was required, to return to my centre, where a too hemmed-in lifestyle had me operating from slightly off centre.

If you are too busy to take the time and space to fully relax into deep self-presence to find your inner truth beyond your familiar ideas and healing trackways, then you are forgoing your true power and potential. This isn’t about everyone becoming self-sufficiently adept at personal transformation - we have a community of human, animal and plant friends with their specialities for good reason. But it is about opening a deep authentic intuitive space for yourself to see which direction to walk in.

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