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Where is your life trying move you to? What transformation beckons you now? What vision is deeply curled up inside you, waiting to unfurl into life - giving you signs and nudges, filling your daydreams, giving life to your imagination and happiness to your heart?

As I look back to harvest the gifts of the summer, and assimilate my next phase, I am amazed that my last post, which was about the necessity of taking deep 'yin' or rest time, was in April. A whole summer has passed - yes I did need a whole summer of time out... but not in a restful way; rather in a 'womb of creation' way...

The summer was not all about deeply relaxing or having masses of fun for me (although it was starred with joyous memories such as Flowering Soul Ceremonies, gatherings, conferences and time in nature with loved ones); I do not recount deep still periods of sublime retreat or endless festival parties. I did unplug from 'Divine Life Mastery,' writing posts, newsletters, social media. I did unplug from many things... except that, and only that, which lit my cells on fire, which catalysed my heart, filling my being with raw, materialising, activating golden energy...

... My vision, of what I hold most true, of what I know from the core of my being - even if I have no evidence or justifiable experience for knowing it - is what was alive in me, through me, for me, this summer. It was a strange polarity, a fascinating experiment, to give 'permission' to let go of everything that is not humming of the deepest joy and purpose in me, and to only give my time and energy to birth that which does (within reason of course - I was not totally floating in space-time; having numerous responsibilities as we all do!!).

There was both total bleak void and the brightest golden life coexisting. Life cannot always be so black and white for people, and it took me six years to get to this stage where I would finally allow myself to go there - to give that much space to my deepest vision, dream and purpose. It is still unfolding, but had I not made this commitment, it would instead have still been a dream curled up inside my heart, waiting for the day when MAYBE, I would stop everything and give it space to breathe and birth.

I will not say more now, on what path I am on personally, except that I am now working for the Global Ecovillage Network, that I have been writing a book that offers a cultural paradigm shift for the communities of the future, and that I am holding a vision for a bridge to be made between the fields of spiritual practice and environmental regeneration. Much more inspiring posts to come on that front...

For now, at this time, as summer draws to an end, as the energy as the Equinox passes through us, at the time of the Aries full moon, the opportunity is present to enquire within, 'What can you harvest from this summer's life experiences, and what is the call to action to move courageously now towards your heart's true vision?'

Astrological writer, Tanishka, writes about this full moon:

' the lead up to this full moon you may feel an inward urge to initiate a new beginning to create a new set of conditions in your life & if this aspect lacks confidence to take the leap of faith you may experience a catalyst that thrusts change upon you, coming ready or not!

When expressed in a healthy way, Aries transits evoke the inner youth who focuses on putting their own ideas into action & feels excited & enthusiastic about embracing the unknown because they possess an innate trust in themselves & the divine plan that things will work out.'

Wishing you all a deeply inspired, trusting, guided, warm chestnutty entry into darker nights and cooler days.

With love, Karen

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