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Many of us are awake to the over-valuing of masculine energy in our society and lifestyles, yet we’re still doing it. Even in the re-empowering goddess trend there is still an over-weight of masculine energy evident in the attitude of ‘let’s do this!’

Many energetically sensitive people have for a while now been feeling strong symptoms of tiredness, lack of concentration or fire, or of 'wading through mud,' (at least in the UK) and sense that the collective energy, astrological radiations and frequency shift is behind this in part at least. There is frustration at being slowed down, so even when we are being forced to rest and slow down, we still try to do as much as we can - even if it’s a tiny bit of work or just planning or coming up with ideas; we try to ‘do’ something to feel good and make progress.

This in part comes from the intuition that you have a lot to offer to the world and achieve, and you’ve been waiting all your life for the clarity, confidence and crystallisation of your essence and power to do it - and now you’re ready, but you can’t do it because you don’t have the energy or focus to!!

But the rebalancing of energies on the planet is just that... In order to activate the full power active masculine energy part, we need to first sufficiently drop in to the feminine energy. Life always begins with Her - in the womb, with the container, in the void of potentiality. Spending the day in a relaxed way, whilst feeling slightly frustrated about being tired and thinking about what you’d like to be doing, is not really being in the pure feminine energy. If you want full power masculine energy, you first have to go into pure undiluted feminine energy.

Ask yourself this: When do you give yourself the opportunity to really integrate everything that has been and is, going on in your life, and then on top of that, all the 'unseen' shifts in your energy and consciousness?

From the moment you wake until the moment you sleep you are in masculine mode so long as your focus is outward. Your sleep time is for basic regulation, it’s not enough for total energetic integration during a time of massive frequency shift. Being physically restful yet mentally occupied does not count either because your energy goes where your attention goes. And neither is simply cogitating and reflecting on what’s been happening a sufficient form of integration.

You need to drop everything, lights down, drop in, be fully surrendered and present to your body, your cells and spirit in a loving receptive attitude of allowing your full being total time and space to integrate everything.

I recently decided to up my game again with raising my body vibration by cutting out caffeine, working with herbs, Doterra oils and flower essences, increasing my leafy greens, plus supplementing my omegas and B12. Interestingly, a couple days in I got unwell. I’ve not had a cold all winter, but days after committing to helping my body to the next level I catch something. I had already intuited to give myself a very deep energy healing session, so the timing was spot on. It began in the evening, and I stayed in this deep healing space throughout the whole of the next day. Yes that's right, I spent 24 hours in bed - shock horror: one day of pure undiluted yin energy out of about 30,000 days of an average life time. Outrageous.

During this time I felt the power of allowing my self to really integrate. My being drank it up like a dry dessert that I had no comprehension was so thirsty. How can we power forward in our lives to the next level without first allowing ourselves to fully drop into the lush void of the feminine?

It’s like trying to have a rebirth without the death first.

While you’re in such a deep yin place, one useful thing you can 'do,' which takes on a more intuitive quality when coming from this space, is to go on an honest enquiry about how you can help your body more at this time. Raising the vibration of the body, which is what we’re being called to do now, inevitably magnifies any areas in which we are unbalanced or deficient. This will be different in each person, though the symptoms may be similar, be they sluggishness or weakness or discomfort.

Just take a notebook and pen to bed with you, because you know what will happen: your Creative Feminine Source will start popping out brilliant ideas.


With love,

Karen ♥

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