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I’ve just spent three days alone, and have another two ahead - after what seemed like an endless river of a few weeks of almost constant company. Over the last couple of days I have witnessed my nervous system calming down, my consciousness coming to rest, my spirit energy cautiously unfurling, like a fox poking its head out of her den to check it is safe. I have had the mental space to focus on and complete the tasks that appear in my consciousness - instead of them appearing and then disappearing again because I’m not available to receive them.

Earlier I walked in the countryside and paused in a field for a very long time, listening to the distant subtle sounds and energies of mother earth with my physical and non-physical senses… remembering how this is my natural way to be, but I haven’t been operating like this for some time. Many years ago I spent most of my life in this meditative state of connection and listening, and actually couldn’t handle very much worldly activity at all - it would energetically hurt me, because my aura had become so light and sensitive. But then having an AuraTransformation changed that and I could be in the world again. But the world has a way of demanding more and more of us, beyond what we are humanly and spiritually capable of, and we as humans are often not naturally inclined towards balance, but rather to flow and adapt with whatever currents are trending in our lives. Look how out of balance the natural planet has become.

Very soon masses of people will be granted time off work for Christmas. Yet they will not be dedicating that time to recharging their bodies and minds with the silence and solitude they desperately need to rebalance their systems. No, they’ll be dropping into an even higher gear of activity as their lives speed towards Christmas - an imbalanced haze of food that is toxic for your gut health and therefore your entire health, television that is toxic to your mental programming, and social obligation that is toxic for your emotional well-being. It is insanity.

Balance is key for all life on Earth and in the Multiverse to exist. Think of how everything in nature hinges upon a very precise balance of elements. We often make the mistake of travelling in a black or white direction, e.g. advocating either the superiority of solitude or of being in community. But what we all need is balance - with regards to everything in life (which is why balance is one of the White Temple’s three pillars, and why Anni Sennov’s book on AuraTransformation is called Balance on All Levels). Several moons back I was filled and fed up with all the solitude I was getting and was desperate for connection, and right now I am recharging nicely so am very excited about lots of divine gatherings and events coming up over the next few weeks… So it really is about us listening to where we are out of balance in our lives and learning to honour ourselves enough to prioritise balance above all else. It may not sound sexy, but that is a goal that everyone on this planet would benefit from setting in the new year.

It is possible that I’ll spend Christmas day ‘alone,’ and this tends to invoke sympathetic responses from people. Something deep in the core of my being wants to roar with laughter at this. When you need time alone, aloneness is the best company in the world that you could possibly have, because when you are connected to the universe you are never alone, and it is the you-niverse that you are missing - and who is missing you!

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