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My recent videos on magical thinking opened up the question of whether the relationships and things you have called into your life are truly in alignment. Yet realising that a relationship is not really serving your greater purpose anymore instantly confronts you with the inevitability of the pain of break up.

Loving yourself enough to realise a cherished relationship, either romantic or other, is not in your higher alignment is one thing, but how to work through the pain that arises in walking away is another. This video shares some insightful tips and advice on how to work with the pain, including:

- Clearing the energy so that you are not processing pain for the other - something all empaths do unconsciously.

- Putting the source of the pain into perspective.

- Being present to the pain in a way that it takes on a beautiful quality of consciously letting the heart break open in an act of surrender...

This major eclipse window that ends with the solar eclipse tomorrow has been immensely intense for a lot of people, and without support tools to stay grounded, aligned and clear, we would get completely thrown over! Many people have ended relationships during this window, and my love goes out to all of you!


Check out this article for a huge dose of inspiration, strength and encouragement on reasons why you'd want to stay single until you find the right person: A TIMELY RELATIONSHIP MESSAGE

With love,

Karen x

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