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'We live in a society where to freely express love is viewed as weird.'

We hear, 'love is the answer' all the time, and know to varying degrees that this is true, and yet most people still brush it off. In the harsh social climate of this world, people have hardened themselves, and they're proud of it. Yet the tough shell is only a defence; there underneath is the softness of a pounded inner child, wounded, seeking love and safety.

It is healthy to create solid boundaries and to become energetically robust in this tough world, but this is not what I'm talking about. You can - and should - have these skills and still be loving and open, discerning and intuiting, when healthy and balanced. But I am talking about unintegrated wounds, and a hardness. And more... simply the societal environment we are in.

We seek to find the love and safety we truly desire in one other, and all the pain of this not being completely fulfilled gets enacted in these relationships because of the close proximity created here. Yet the fact is, our love wounds are not truly just from parents or romantic partners. Our love wound lies within the whole of society. Our society is STARVED of love. Sure we can focus on all the lovely bits where people are kind to one another, and we absolutely should as a solution, but awareness of the truth is the first step to freedom.

We live in a society where to freely express love is viewed as weird. We don't walk around holding hands with our friends, we don't run uninhibitedly to someone we love when we see them for the first time in a long time. We don't fully grieve when we say goodbye to someone we love. We try to keep it in, stay cool.

We live in a society where it's pretty normal to go through the day without receiving a hug, and perhaps instead receiving coldness, insults or apathy from others. The main ingredient of this soup of this modern reality of Earth is not love. The ingredients change from place to place of course. I would say that the soup in the county I am in right now - not my soup, but the soup of the collective energy around me - is something like, in order of quantity:

Collective Soup Ingredients: need/striving, concern/worry, resignation/acceptance, escape/denial, annoyance, fear, love, gratitude.

Yet the ingredients of the soup that I come from - from elsewhere in the universe - that I am made of, is instead: love, harmony, trust, balance, joy, wisdom, bliss... in equal measure. Love just is... in everything, everyone. There is no need to even talk about love or say that you love someone because it simply is the fabric of reality.

Imagine being of this fabric, and then being born on Earth. The closest thing to this love that you have always known and been, is now the love from your parents - and we all know how incomplete that experience has been for so many people on this planet. How would this child then react? Cope? With the energy of loved starved from her very cells? This is how we are all born, although some of us feel it more keenly, the more in touch with our truth we are, and the more awakened we are to our pre-earth existences.

My reaction to the absence of this ingredient in my life was, in my early twenties, to seek it in enlightenment and connection with nature, which provided me with an infinite abundance of love in my life. My reality became one of bliss once more - after I'd healed my wounds and let go of the desire to find pure unconditional love with other humans. Yet that wasn't the final answer either. I came here to reach mastery in being human at this particular time in human history. Mastering human relationships is part of that.

I share this simply to counterbalance all the wisdom out there that makes love-oriented people judge themselves for feeling sad and alone in absence of a loving environment. There is so much focus on toughening up, being strong and independent, and unattached, and as always, I like to reveal the balance point, for nothing is ever a black or white prescription.

I have had to toughen up on Earth, and I have the AuraTransformation treatment to largely thank for that. AuraTransformation brings you and your life into balance, shines the truth on everything and strengthens the power of your energy, so it helped me to become more robust in this world, yet also to see and accept that my desire for love - and love in the greatest general sense, not just from one other - does not arise from neediness and insecurity, but rather from the simple principle of recognising that love is the soup we should all be living in; to feel that, can only be a good thing.

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