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'There is not a single living thing on this planet that does not use or extinguish the life of another thing to sustain it's own life.'

So far April's blogs have focused on the theme of light and dark, and why it is one of the WHITE TEMPLE'S Pillars, BALANCE, that should be focused on. And so it continues!

Denial of the dark can only lead to a denial of the heart and of nature. Nature is completely at peace within itself, totally cyclical, balanced, and in alignment with the Creator and nature of Creation. Life is born and dies, species have perfect symbiotic relationships with one another, patterns of mutual benefit, which involve killing one another - in a way that maintains a positive balance between species and their environments.

It is easy to see both light and dark within nature, or more precisely, to see that nature is beyond light and dark - there are no light aspects and dark aspects at war with each other. Light and dark are woven together into 'isness,' balance and harmony. We feel so at peace within nature because of this balanced harmony, because it is as close to the Creator as is physically known on Earth, because the suffering and illusion created by duality is absent there: not because there is an absence of what we call dark.

This fundamental truth of reality is conveyed in the first archetypal master energy of the NEW EARTH MASTERY work. It is the archetype of MOTHER HEART. Mother Earth is the embodiment of love, balance and oneness. Every living thing in nature is one spirit, and in the playing out of animal killing animal, balance is constantly restored. Everything that dies gives its body to nourish other life, be it an animal or the soil in which more plants can grow; all becomes fertile compost for new life and the cycle continues. Everything returns back into the love of the Earth, and lives through the love of the Earth. There is no thought for light or dark, only the balance and wholeness of love.

Similarly - as we are too of Nature, no matter how much trouble we cause from forgetting this fact - we also kill other life to sustain our own life. There is not a single living thing on this planet that does not use or extinguish the life of another thing to sustain it's own life.

It is easy to look at 'dark force entities,' people who are energy drainers, and meat eaters, and label them as bad, but truth is that every person has this vampiric nature on various levels. A vegetable is no less a living thing than a lamb, and there are very few people on this Earth who are supra-conscious enough to know how to never take energy from another person. Even being sociable was invented as a means to secure one's own survival. The fact that we need and therefore manipulate and use other lives to sustain our own life, could be called dark. But this is not truth of it, because we can also see the beauty and love in human connection.

In fact, all communication is manipulation. This word is loaded with negative connotation, but it does not have to be seen that way. Every intricate way in which we form a communication to another person is created and delivered in desire for a particular outcome. Choice of words, tone, volume, facial and bodily expression - everything is crafted for the meaning of the message and outcome we desire from the other person. In addition, most people would have difficulty to admit that that desired outcome is sometimes energy in some form - to gain sympathy (the popular way that victims acquire energy), trust (so that an energetic cord is created, making it easier to gain energy in various forms in the future), to impress someone (anyone that puts you on a pedestal unknowingly hands over their power to you), or get someone to do something now or in the future.

The point in this is not to make you think that all people are bad!!!! Rather we need to let go of our obsession or good and bad, light and dark. WE ARE SOURCE, we go beyond this limiting battle which distracts us from enlightenment and our purpose work.

Personally, I advocate living in a way that is as life-respecting as possible, and this is the key - the light is in bringing the light of awareness and respect to all you do, rather than in denying your use of external energies. You may be vegan, but you are still eating living things, and if you are someone that takes up most of the space in conversations, complains a lot, or looks to others to make you feel better then you are eating other people's energy too.

To become conscious is to simply BE CONSCIOUS. Not to deny one half of truth in favour for the other half. Seeking only light is not expanding consciousness. Seeing truth and living in the love and beauty of what is, with gratitude and grace, is.

So therefore do not project about what is good and bad, forgetting that you too have all of existence within yourself. Rather bring your full consciousness to your plate, and give thanks to the soul and the Earth for providing it for you to sustain your own life. Then give value to your own life by continuing to live in love and gratitude and offer your own gifts and services to help improve others' lives.

BE NATURE. BE THE CREATOR. TRANSCEND DUALITY AND LIVE IN TRUTH: consciousness, balance, love, gratitude, service.

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