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Why get your home cleared and aligned?

When I began doing professional energetic clearing, aligning and ‘architecture’ on people’s homes, one of the first cases I worked with was particularly haunting.

I was asked to work in a cottage belonging to a recently single woman and her parents. As the cottage would be empty, I stayed there for a few days whilst doing the clearing and also physical realigning. I felt the dissonant energies of the space immediately upon entering the cottage. I had arrived in the evening and in order to even sit down in that space I had to clear some difficult energy in one corner of the room and did a superficial cleansing of the whole house.

During the reading, I discovered two entities. One was the lost soul of a woman from a past time whose life had tragically ended there when she was raped and murdered by a man. Her soul was continually rushing through one side of the house, pausing at the corner that I had cleared the first night. Although not directly threatening, this was creating an uncomfortable energetic phenomenon that could easily create psychological disturbance in any person staying at the house. The second entity was non-human and was living in the attic room, no doubt feeding off the emotional energy patterns of my client that slept there.

In looking at the chakras of the house, all the upper chakras were blocked, hidden or quiet. The sacral chakra was very active – the effect of which in combination with closed higher chakras, created a shadow.

It turned out that the cottage, a second home, had been frequently used for my clients’ family and friends for sexual affairs and flings. There was also a mirroring of patterning with the lost soul still attached to the land and the current owners’ past, which involved sexual abuse.

After the clearing work, whereby balance in the chakras was restored, the entities gone, and the true spirit of the dwelling reactivated, all felt well. I was invited to spend a few more days there to physically realign the space regarding the feng shui and to enjoy the surrounding countryside. Being between residences, I was grateful for the opportunity, whereas usually this is not a choice I’d make. There is always a deeper reason for everything however and I would soon find out why it was necessary for me to stay longer.

During this time, a friend came to visit me as the cottage was fairly close to a sacred site that we wanted to hold ceremony at. This was a man who also works with energies and shamanic healing. We both have a passion for re-establishing the natural blueprint of the divine woman and divine man co-existing in harmony. I was curious what his response to the cottage was and so held back from sharing the details of what had occurred.

A short while into his arrival, my friend shared that he was experiencing some strange feelings. There was an uncomfortable energy in his sacral chakra, and he felt a distinct sense of disempowerment within himself. Curiously, I read the energies in the house again for myself. To me the energies of the chakras etc still felt balanced and I felt dramatically more at peace being in the property compared to how it felt before.

What I did observe in myself however, was a strange inability to see my friend as I usually see him. It was as if a veil was over my perception in relation to him, and I could only see him as a man – not as a man with all the very unique and special qualities he possesses. More importantly, I witnessed some unfamiliar thoughts and feelings of an unwarranted faintly demeaning nature towards him. These were not my thoughts and feelings. I am aware of energetic phenomena enough to know this.

We soon figured out, between us, that there remained a much more subtle yet no less powerful energetic imprint in the house, which can become something like an entity in that it had developed its own consciousness. The reason I hadn’t picked up on this subtler layer was that it was at rest around the feminine. It rose into activation however when a masculine presence was in the house. It was an anti-masculine energetic imprint.

It then dawned on me, that my client’s previous relationship had no chance of survival whilst they were living in this house. Nor would any relationship or friendship between the sexes stand the chance of being healthy and balanced. This energetic imprint had a minimum impact on me and my friend, thanks to our knowledge and experience, but it was still taking effect – what hope had other people such as my clients?

Upon realising this, my friend felt called to stay on rather than leave when we intended him to. He too, could not turn his back on a higher purpose for healing, and would not be bullied by any form of psychic attack. I resolved not to allow the thought forms of this imprint to effect my perception of the masculine.

That night, every time I began to drop into what would usually certainly be sleep, I was stirred awake. It was mental torture. At about 4am I gave up and got up. I felt absolutely horrendous and could not use my own senses. I decided to receive the aid of my tarot cards, and asked why I could not sleep.

The card I picked was the nine of swords, and the image on my deck is of a boy lying in a heap of exhaustion on the ground, with the Three Morai – the dark feminine – trying to psychically attack him, but now being held back by the Goddess Athene – the light feminine. In the story, the boy is being mentally tortured by the Morai because he had chosen to side with the patriarchy instead of the matriarchy.

I understood that this consciousness had now turned against me because I was siding with the masculine. It simply did not want to allow harmony between the sexes. Naturally after a night of sleep prevention torture, I was quite grumpy and weakened the next day. Being in such a state makes it difficult for me to be in anyone’s company and vice versa. It was a good tactic.

What shone out to me in the tarot card however was the Goddess Athene who to me represented my Higher Self. As an experienced clairvoyant Aura Mediator I was an expert at accessing Divine Will. It was time to get more gung ho.

In going to the next level in clearing the house however, it became obvious that this imprint was deeply connected to my female clients. Born out of the fusion of my clients’ patterning and the female entity that had resided here, my clients were now feeding this imprint as much as it was feeding them, and it was not possible to clear the energy unless they too chose to have this energy cleared within them.

My client, like most women, deeply wanted a fulfilling relationship with a man. She also wants to have children and is now in her early thirties and feeling the pressure. Whilst she is having therapy to heal the imbalances around her patterning with men, I knew this would not be sufficient. I knew without a doubt that she would not be permitted any harmony with any man she brought to this house. Whilst her parents were still together, their relationship was not harmonious. I wondered if it worsened when they were here.

This is when I realised the massive significance and potential power in transforming the energy of one’s house simultaneously to any personal transformative work. Without this dual approach, one side may eventually drag the other back. Whilst in many cases there will be a natural mirroring, e.g. many of my AuraTransformation clients intuitively and automatically upgrade their homes after their transformations, in other cases this dual approach goes amiss where it is very much needed.

I once experienced a similar effect in a house. My partner and I were only ever unhappy together in the house. We spent about a third of the year travelling together, during which the inability to get on with each other dropped away. Next to our bedroom was a store room full of my partner’s junk and things from the past. It was in the love and relationship corner of the house in the feng shui system. I knew this was making an impact on our relationship, but my partner would not take it seriously enough to cooperate and clear the room. We loved each other equally, but upon breaking up, I moved on peacefully, as I was clear and at peace within my self and life, whilst my ex partner struggled to move on – just as he struggled to let go of his old stuff.

Back to the cottage, the best I could do at this time was put in place some energetic structures that deactivated the imprint for a temporary period of time, and to then advise my clients of the best action I could possibly recommend – which in this particular case would be to sell this property along with their other property and rehouse themselves where they’ve always dreamed of being but have been resistant to. That’s not an answer however, for they’d only be drawn to a property with similar patterning. They’d also need to clear this anti-masculine imprint from within themselves, and then have the imprint in the cottage cleared once and for all - before any new buyers came anywhere close.

This was an extreme case, and in most dwellings creating optimum balance and harmony between the spirit of the house and its occupants is a simple joyous experience.

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