Are you fully awake, alive, free, living life with meaning, purpose and joy?

Is there further to go?







I work with amazing, switched on people, who sense they could be living in a more aligned, miraculous, meaningful, nourishing way, yet who feel stuck and unable to break through the hidden veils and blocks to their greatest freedom & potential. 

Do you have some life success, in your work, your home life, and/or your personal and spiritual development, yet feel unable to reach the next level or live a truly enjoyable and purposeful life?


Do you fear the idea of your life as it currently stands, being all there is, and feel drained, uninspired, or stuck... like your life has lost meaning and magic, or you are missing some big piece of the puzzle?


Can you imagine a life where you feel lightness and joy in your heart, where freedom goes hand in hand with purpose & power? Do you sense a hidden potential where each day is a fun adventure, where you feel alive and creative, and in flow? 

Do you need a huge breakthrough, a deep retreat, or a massive life turnaround?

Work with me, to unveil the life you know is possible, where you experience your infinite nature, are free with joy and aliveness, fully connected to your true self and source. 



I have developed a way of working that utilises a diversity of transformational methods, processes, and intelligences, to provide the most powerful shifts you need for the results you've invested into.

You can book a range of offerings, from an AuraTransformation alone, to a 6 month journey of multiple sessions & experiences, to a 9 month training course to become a coach & facilitator (leadership intensive).



Break out of limiting patterns and the feeling of being stuck... become liberated and empowered in your true nature...

Interwoven pattern in nature - backgroun


Clear out the old and strengthen your energy field, so that your life-force, bounce, joy for life and focus are in full power...

agave cactus, abstract natural pattern b


Go all out for total transformation: a few days ultimate reset, or monthly sessions for a radically new you and effervescent approach to life...

“Karen has been the catalyst that has made me want to be all I can be."

"Karen is one of the finest teachers I have ever come across and her workshops are unparalleled. You will leave transformed."

"Being in sacred ceremony with Karen was something really quite unique, a surprise to all my senses..."

“Karen is the purest embodiment of the sacred that I have ever met in a person."

"Karen's facilitation is masterful. She rapidly creates a powerful space of delicious and powerful elements: grace, clarity and purpose."




Get in touch via the form below to book an initial informal consultation. If you are interested in doing deeper 1:1 work with me over a few days or periodically over many months, please book an Experience Session, of a couple hours, to experience how working together can give you the breakthroughs you need. 

I live and work in the beautiful countryside of Sussex, near Haywards Heath, yet can travel to London and nearby places, and much work is available by phone / online. 


Today a new energetic reality is unfolding on Earth. Today's children do not operate like we did when we were young, or do now. They do not have the same energy system, and without understanding this, parents are unintentionally making many mistakes and creating imbalance in their homes instead of giving their children the right support to...

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