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What If?

What If?

What if this was your one big chance - the biggest chance you’ll ever get… to reassess and connect with what truly lies in your heart? What if this is Source answering all of our prayers in one major swoop, to stop time, press pause on the major currents and patterns of our modern lives, so that you can let everything go, breathe, find some space to be you again, to be with your inner divinity again, to be with the gentle movements of nature again…

Life is so sacred.

This heart is sacred; this body is sacred; this world community is sacred; this earth is sacred.

All of life is Sacred. All of life was created out of the Heart of the Divine.

All there is to do is to remember, to open the eyes within the Heart, And you will experience the sacredness in all of life.

The Heart is the centre of all Creation, the portal to the infinite macrocosmic and microcosmic universes, the paradise created from the love of the Divine Feminine and Masculine. Love holds the power of creation beyond duality. Here there is no resistance or insistence, only true perception and acceptance of what is in this moment, and the power to Create the next. Love transforms everything into Divine Energy; both Light and Dark melt in its full embrace.


Pause for a moment.

Breathe in the sacredness.

Feel the pulse of Creation in your Heart.

If you don’t have time to pause and breathe, you are not living.

Reconnect to the sacred energy of life...

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