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Winter 16th Nov 2023 - 1st Feb 2024


Plant Shadow


New Earth Breathwork

Motivated by her own call to evolve and understand what existence is, Catalina has had a 25 year journey through various formations that have been changing and complementing her path, such as art therapy, gestalt, PNL, kundalini Yoga, Registros Akashicos, sound healing.


She specializes in altered states of consciousness through breathing techniques such as Rebirthing and meditation.


She facilitates from a loving place, where the other can feel free to be them self in any sense, understanding that the nature of the human being is Peace and light.


Plant Shadow


Creatrix Sacral Sounding

Through the magical power of sound and motion I will guide you to surrender to the natural energy of your sacral chakra. The blend of vocal toning, soothing music frequencies, conscious breathing and slow movement will help you journey within and sound your divine truth.

Efia has the ability to create a vibe that inspires others to invoke their inner power and let their brilliance shine through. Her intuitive and engaging way of connecting with herself and others has given great depth and meaning to what she has to offer to the world in her work as a music artist, DJ, singer, sound healing creatrix, intuitive dancer. 


Plant Shadow

Remy Verganista

Herbal Empowerment Ritual

Remy's goal is to bridge the gap between traditional herbalism and modern science, share her love of plants and the benefits they offer for our health and well-being.

She believes in the power of plants to support our emotional and physical health, and therefore aims to spread knowledge about how we can work with them, incorporating them into our daily life. Remy has an environmentally friendly plant based business, 

From medicinal herbs to herbal skincare, join her to rediscover the power of nature and it's healing properties.


Plant Shadow


Quantum Leadership

Since age 17, Daria has been a serial entrepreneur, starting numerous educational and training companies and an NGO around the topics of thought leadership, premium pricing and self-leadership.  

International key-note speaker since 2016, Daria has a big passion for topics such as building online business, social selling,  women empowerment and emotional intelligence.


She has spoken at 2 TEDx-stages and numerous conferences and companies about her ground-breaking work and approach (RE/MAX, WU Executive Business School of Vienna, UNICEF, MindValley, European Innovation Academy and many more…!)


Plant Shadow

Agni Chandra

Erotic Embodiment

Agni is a the creatrix of OrganiCurrent, a tantric embodiment methodology. Agni is a Priestess of Eros, a disciple of Green Tara. 

The methods uses modern somatic exercises as well as tantric and yogic practices to awaken your natural potency.


OrganiCurrent awakens your capacity to receive more Life Force. The energy that wants to express through you. It uses breath, sound and movement to embody a way of being, in which your breath becomes open, voice shameless and body movements free. To express whatever is present in the moment. 


Plant Shadow


Sacred Goddess Dance

Hazel's ceremonies are an ecstatic mixture of movement , breathwork, and visualisation, and working shamanically within the Andean medicine wheel. She trained with ‘Celtic Breathwork’ and ‘Anchoring the light’.

Hazel moved to India in 2004 to pursue a career in Bollywood. She met with success but after ten years burned out. Though her path is very different now her love of dance and music continues and this fuels all of her work. 

Hazel guides within the lineage of the seven rays of the high Andes, guiding people through the medicine wheel, connecting to animal allies, the elements, and mother nature.


Plant Shadow

Karen Aiyana Birch

Cacao, New Earth, Mastery Keys

Karen is a self-mastery and meditation guide, ceremony holder, advanced energy healer, plus founder of a coaching and facilitation course for changemakers.


She is keeper of a set of initiatory mystery school teachings transmitted to her in 2012, called the Mastery Keys. She advocates the unifying of whole-systems regeneration with greater human consciousness as imperative for a New Earth. 


A fervent writer on culture and consciousness, her published materials include four books. She co-wrote and produced an award-winning feature film, The Blueprint, and is the founder of The New Earth School, a new global educational platform.


Magical Day-13.jpg
Dramatic Dance

 S H E

Spring Beltane Rebirth

As a sisterhood holding the codes of the Sacred Goddess for a New Earth, let's ignite our powerful sacred flames for the summer season!  

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