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"Energy practice is the secret key that people either don't know about, or don't understand the full value of."





Congratulations if you've just had your aura transformed. You have just been completely reset and given the greatest opportunity for creating a fulfilling life and your 'Crystal' purpose on this Earth. 

It is now down to you, to make sure you maintain the energetic health of your aura so that you can crystallise and afterwards even move into the Golden Energy as smoothly as possible. 

Like your physical body, you have to keep your aura clean. A diamond doesn't sparkle anymore when it's covered in junk. The upgraded software on your computer will slow down if it's full of unwanted information. And, a lambourgini won't drive optimally without the driver driving it to its potential. 

It is your responsibility to stay aware of your energy, to clear it, and call it back whenever you start to feel low, which is often indication that the disempowered old time energy from others around you needs to be cleared from around your aura. Below is a reminder of the affirmation you can use in maintaining your energy. 

If you feel unable to take full care of your energy field, or are going through particularly hectic times, you can book regular Balance sessions - at least one or two are recommended anyway after the initial AuraTransformation, as most people need a little further assistance to stand confidently in the New Time Energy and their new aura. ​​



The following resources are provided to help you make the most out of your new aura and create a deeply fun, daring and fulfilling life! It is especially key that you read: 






Read and re-read Balance on All Levels by AuraTransformation Founder, Anni Sennov - the more you crystallise, the more you will get out of the book. 


Anni has also written several other relevant and insightful books on for example, Crystallisation, Energy Maintenance, the Golden Energy, and Spirit Mates.



Facebook: Official AuraTransformation UK


Videos:​ You can check out videos from AuraTransformation's Anni Sennov and her Scandinavian team on YouTube. For instance in this video Berit Reaver & Therese Lindberg, two of Denmark's leading AuraTransformation speakers, talk about the New Time Energies with special focus on energy sharing in the new versus old times.




You can receive coaching from me, in various areas to help you reach your goals in energy, consciousness, and with regards to your life mission.


With the new energies you are now working with, coaching can assist you in grounding the energies, learning to become more intuitive and read the signals from your environment and from within your body, how to stay in your power, how to move into the golden energy and manifest your true purpose. 

Other aspects of coaching I offer are related to the new energy paradigm, e.g. leadership initiation, finding your true energy expression and vision, being a co-creator of your life.​​ 

Please note, there is usually time for some coaching during extra Balance sessions. 

'I NOW call ALL energy rightfully mine back to me.

I NOW send ALL energy not mine back to where it came from.


I now balance myself with my balance energy.'

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