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Sacred geometry. Mathematics, nature, and spirituality in nature. The formula of nature.

Blueprint Alignment Sessions

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Are you a change-maker, healer, activist, conscious creative, purpose-led entrepreneur - or want to be?


Are you dealing with:

  • The frustration and pain of knowing you're not in total alignment in your self and life.

  • Feeling torn between nourishing your self and being of service to others / the earth.

  • Feeling tired, drained, unmotivated, confused, losing hope.

  • Swinging between high creative / sovereign energy, and then burning out or dropping.


Yet you know and trust in your capacity:

  • To become alive and whole in who you truly are.

  • To show up authentically, consciously, powerfully with others.

  • To be aligned in your work and true purpose.

  • To live a life that you love and that is flowing and abundant for you.

"We can become, and create, Heaven on Earth " 

Find, activate, & align with your blueprint 
Your blueprint is your innate birthright. It's who you really are, coded into your physical cells and spiritual essence. It's how you should be operating, the work you're meant to be doing, the life you're meant to be living. It's all coded, a hidden potential waiting inside of you, and perfectly ripe for this time, now. 

Imagine a life where you feel lightness and joy in your heart, where freedom goes hand in hand with deep purpose & inner power. You know this, remember this, right? Can you sense a hidden way of life, where each day is a fun adventure, where you feel alive and creative, and in flow? 
Do you feel like you need a huge breakthrough, a deep retreat, or a massive life turnaround?

I know this pain, I have walked this journey, and the Blueprint Alignment work is my true purpose offering to share with you. Nothing else feels as deeply essential, vital, at this time on Earth, then that we find and align with the blueprint within us, and help each other to stay anchored there!

Blueprint Alignment sessions are monthly online group sessions.  A limited number of 1:1 sessions are also available. 

Working at the Beach

What happens in the monthly online group sessions & how do I join?

  • Karen will bring a workshop/exploration topic relevant to aligning with our blueprint. Group members can also request to discuss a particular topic.

  • Energy clearing, energy activation, and balancing work. 

  • Coaching & Mentoring.

  • Practices as relevant, e.g. guided meditation, journeying, ceremony, initiatory exercises, authentic sharing.

  • It is a safe space where you showing up feeling out of balance or disempowered, does not equate to you being judged as this - this is a place of support and transformation. 

  • You can join the group at any point, by starting a monthly payment - there are three tiers to choose from to reflect your situation. 

Some of the themes we explore:

  • Living from your blueprint requires self-love, but what does that mean? How to create solidarity, power, intra-connection. 

  • How to listen to and trust your energies, e.g. the body’s intelligence, your heart, your energy field, your spirit.

  • How can you get in touch with your blueprint every day. 

  • Living from your blueprint requires clarity, but how can we switch out of stories and become clear of all external narratives.

  • How to find the balance between working hard on our purpose projects, and keeping well within ourselves.

  • How can we manifest our lives from deep magic. 

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Walking the talk...


Helping others to live in alignment with their blueprint, is part of my blueprint. The other part of my blueprint is in helping the world to see the Earth's Blueprint... how we could all be living here together. To fulfil this, I've been spending most of my time setting up  The New Earth School, a not-for-profit community interest company that offers video masterclasses ​and community on everything to do with how to create a beautiful new earth together. 


From small changes in our personal lives, to getting involved in big visionary eco-community projects, from the shifts we need to make within ourselves, to the shifts we need to make in our relationships and communities, to our environments... we are building a community learning platform to help you.  

In order to 'walk my talk,' I am also creating my own 'new earth' story - as The New Earth School encourages and supports its members to do. For me that means exploring living in eco villages and new regenerative living models, where I also spend time contributing to the community, farm, or creation of healthy community culture. 

Thank you for being a part of my regenerative, blueprinted life design, and letting me help you with yours! I look forward to seeing you in the Blueprint Sessions!

With love, Karen x


"Karen's facilitation is masterful. She rapidly creates a powerful space of delicious and

powerful elements: grace, clarity and purpose."

Simon Confino, Founder of We-Q. 

“Karen has been the catalyst that has made me want to be all that I can be, not just half measures, I am talking about looking truly with the purist of intentions.

What I love about Karen is she doesn’t preach that we should be a certain way and she isn’t trying to make a quick buck, she is just passionate about everything she believes, so she doesn’t say ‘be like me’ instead she says ‘be all you can be’ and that’s exactly what I am now doing."

Deborah Barnard. Psychotherapist.

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