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What is the greatest way you could be living?


Unified Coherence is a state of unification and balance among all aspects of the whole self, which brings about complete genuine coherence and alignment in one’s life.

The key to our problems lies with the sponsoring operating system, and energetic alignment, not the content of the stories that we engage with in life. 

Unified Coherence coaching works towards perfect synergy throughout all dimensions of one's being, unleashing a more masterful human than what is possible from relaxation, meditation, or other goal states.

In the work we do together, we may focus on any of the following arenas:


Stay on track and get extra knowledge, insights, support and direction every week

Coaching involves various transformative methods to help you gain clarity and crystallise your true vision and purpose


Receive direct life guidance at the beginning of each month from Spirit in a comprehensive soul map reading

Initiatory sessions to catalyse your inner leader, build confidence and integrity of spirit

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Crystallise in who you really are, experience the ultimate freedom and joy of living


Exploring 'coherence strategy,' and energy readings to vision the perfect design of life

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"Karen's facilitation is masterful. She rapidly creates a powerful space of delicious and

powerful elements: grace, clarity and purpose."

“Karen has been the catalyst that has made me want to be all that I can be, not just half measures, I am talking about looking truly with the purist of intentions.

What I love about Karen is she doesn’t preach that we should be a certain way and she isn’t trying to make a quick buck, she is just passionate about everything she believes, so she doesn’t say ‘be like me’ instead she says ‘be all you can be’ and that’s exactly what I am now doing."

Am I the right person for you to work with? 


What happens in a coaching session with me varies greatly depending on your goals and path. A session could be very structured and focused on your life goals. Or, it could be very light and fluid, involving us sitting in the forest exploring a breakthrough idea in how you relate to the world. There are no limitations providing we are able to operate from a relationship of trust. All coaching and consulting services are personalised intuitively for you. 

We can work well together if:


  • You want to live in absolute truth - your truth, and the greatest truth.

  • You sense a greater way of living, and want to break out of limiting patterns.

  • You want to feel as your natural daily state of being, a sense of personal freedom, alignment, purpose.

  • You want to learn more about energy, consciousness, mastery.

  • You are ready to stop playing small, and wish to be empowered: it is time, and you are willing to take full responsibility.

  • You need someone in your life who sees you, and holds your vision for you.

  • You are committed to ever greater levels of self and life mastery, because there’s no other game in life worth playing. 

  • You are eager to develop stronger intuition, healthier boundaries, to acquire new skills and perspectives that will help you move forward. 

  • You want to work with someone who is compassionate and creates a safe space for you, yet who will challenge you and push you to break throughs. 

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