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Here's a brief run through of my TOP LIFE HEALERS:

1. Do a total life detox. Any friendships, relationships, possessions, habits, house clutter, clothes, behaviours that do not light you up should be - with the utmost love and gratitude - cleared the f out!!! They are dead weights, holding your life down. Stop feeling guilty about doing the right thing for yourself. Whatever you clear out, will make space for an upgraded version. Get into alignment in as many ways as possible. Including regularly clearing your own energy field. Take a look at my home detox page for some uplifting inspiration.

2. Spend time in nature daily or as often as possible. Lie under a tree for 2 hours. Walk in the woods. Dip your feet in a river. Hike up a hill. Make a flower garland. Share your woes with Mother Earth, or let go of everything and just be in tune with her. Nature is infinitely powerful at lifting your vibration, for many reasons, including a physical cleansing effect, a pure energy effect, and a reminder of the simplicity of who you really are.

3. Practice self-love. In every moment. The more self love and worth you have, the more you will make the right choices for yourself to safeguard and create happiness, and before you know it, you’ll find you have super powers. My top tips on how? Imagine you are a queen or king, and you have both a hurt, and a magical child, that live in your realm (heart). They can both create chaos at times, but like all children, they need total love, understanding, kindness and boundaries for their protection; and you, as king or queen will naturally settle for nothing less than being honoured and treat yourself accordingly. There many resources out there to help you work on self-love. My mastery course works a lot with the wounded and magical child (see point 10.)

4. Higher altered states: Do you know how to get into different consciousness states? E.g. shamanic journeying, meditation, ecstacy, trance? If not learn. Being able to drop out of the ordinary realm is beneficial on many levels; you see greater truths, receive answers and guidance, access healing states, not to mention get a break from your current reality! Go to some workshops or find a teacher (including point 8). Contact me if you’d like some guidance from me. There are many ways and options. But I give a strong warning here too, as if taken as an escape, this can lead to another imbalance that will keep you from:

5. Pursuing your life purpose – no matter what. When you’re on your purpose, it’s like you have life support from Mother Earth herself. You are fired up, clear, focused, and feel deep satisfaction, because you know you are doing what you’re meant to be doing. If you’re not sure what your life purpose is, the clue lies in what lights up your heart and cells like nothing else. This is something I feel very passionate about and am happy to give coaching/mentoring. If you still need assistance, go to point:

6. Develop a sisterhood or brotherhood – find a women's or men's circle near you or start one (and learn about holding safe space). Cultivate the friendships or connections you currently have that are nourishing. Having people in your life that you can share openly and vulnerably with and who can meet you on a spirit level is deeply nourishing for us. We all need our sisters or brothers. The key here is that the friendship is equal. It is not about walking away feeling better because you've effectively sucked your friend's energy. Make sure there is equal - and quality - energy sharing happening and watch the friendship blossom into something beautifully rewarding.

7. Get into nutrition. Nutrition has a massive impact on our mental, emotional and physical health. It’s not easy to get enthusiastic about life if for instance you are easily upset and have fog brain all the time. There's no excuse and no point in seeking other solutions if your nutrition is rubbish! Get your Bs, get off non-organic, and get rid of the wheat and refined sugar for a start.

8. Move and dance. Daily. As often as possible. With or without music. Preferably on your own except at a free movement class. Just drop into yourself, get out of your mind, and move your body, however it wants to be moved. Find a movement class near you, such as 5 Rhythms, Ecstatic Awakening Dance, or Movement Meditation. It’s not about being a good dancer – this actually gets in the way. It’s about getting into your body and out of the mind, expressing yourself, releasing stuck energy, feeling the joy of free-movement, and opening the channels.

9. Go for a radical energetic treatment that will completely reset you: clearing out toxic energies from your energy system, breaking karmic contracts, healing holes and blocks in your aura, calling back all of your missing spirit energies, and strengthening your field. The best treatment I know for this, which is why I trained in it, is AuraTransformation. I’m sure there are others but I either don’t know of them or haven’t personally experienced as powerful an effect from them.

10. Go all out on a course for life mastery, so that you can learn everything you need to always navigate your self, relationships and life from a place of empowerment, awareness, knowledge, skill and mastery – and become a goddess or warrior of this new earth. Again, there are many tools and courses for self-mastery, life-mastery, from different spiritual paths. The 13 week online course I offer is designed for the new time on earth, which is especially about embodying your divine power in this body on earth, rather than detaching from your earthly power, and encompasses, not excludes any other practice you may have.

There are lots of juicy insights and sharing on the other posts on this blog, so please explore freely with total self-love.

You can also get in touch with me to receive guidance on any of these points.

With love to your full self, Karen

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