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Life is a beautiful, responsive creature. She will go on being the same until the day comes when something inside of you reaches breaking point and you decide from a place of divine resoluteness that she must shapeshift.

Only then will you see the changes you may have been wishing for all along. She doesn't respond to desire, need or wish. She responds to mastery, to a deep respect for Her and how She works. Just like a lion that is a danger to a man that fears it, but a friend to a man that respects it and speaks the same language. Sure, sometimes she does this all of her own accord. But I am talking about when you catalyse what you want to happen in your life.

Massive shifts in my outer reality have only occurred when within I have reached a place where there can be no other option. To accept any lesser reality is no longer something I will collude to. Not out of desperation or escape or the mind masturbation of desire. Rather out of a humble and natural surge of truth, love of self, and understanding of my purpose and potential within this life. Life must respond to that. She always does. It's actually what she does best, what she loves to do. When a new flower is ready to burst she is at her most magnificent, when she gets to celebrate herself and dance her soul dance, sing her favourite song of creation.

Give her that opportunity to play in your life and watch with amazement... of course there will be twists and surprises, for you can never see everything. You choose something which is an evolution, and that gives rise to more evolution- more areas that you have not seen yet. And so it continues. But what a beautiful game of play, between you and Life, if you are willing to dare...

The archetype of the magician who creates his life and shape shifts at will is one of the NEW EARTH MASTERY energies that you can learn to embody more through taking the course or having coaching, to become a GODDESS OR WARRIOR OF THE NEW EARTH.

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