to feed the soul


to lift the heart


an evening of sacred bliss & enchantment




"Extraordinary!" "The best cacao ceremony I've ever been to - and I've been to lots!" 

"The most beautiful cacao ceremony I’ve ever been to. I felt like I was in the most beautiful expansive ocean for much of the night!"

"I felt pure love and joy in my heart during and long after the ceremony. Your voices are angelic and made the experience really beautiful."


The ceremonies led by Karen Aiyana Birch and Kat Drake offer a wild magical array of devotional eloquence, an enchanting elixir of an ancient sacred Mayan Medicine, Cacao, blended with deep and expansive journeying, sacred sound and heavenly songs and mantras. 

Together, Kat and Karen weave an irresistible dance of complimentary forces, with Karen’s deepening meditative journeys, crystal alchemy bowl and light singing, and Kat’s uplifting devotional, medicine, and folk songs sung with the guitar. 

Currently the Flowering Soul Ceremonies are happening regularly in London, Brighton and Tunbridge Wells.

We’d love you to join us! 

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We will let hearts, minds, bodies and spirits melt into love. 


The event begins held in sacred ceremonial space, with an ancient sacred Mayan Medicine, Cacao, known as the 'heart blood, a plant medicine from the Guatemalan rainforest. It is used ceremonially to assist meditation as it opens the heart chakra & has a physiological effect on oxygenation & blood flow. 


Please arrive in good time, only eat lightly beforehand and refrain from coffee or tea as the caffeine creates poor focus for the medicinal visionary effects of the cacao.




Please also bring water and anything you wish for comfort - cushions/sheepskins/blankets


Places must be booked in advance so that we can prepare your medicinal cacao! Please send message in form below or here.



Flowering Soul Ceremonies Facebook Group



Kat Drake is a London-based musician whose beautiful, ethereal voice echoes in the songs she writes. "Her strong sense of purpose and passion runs through her songs and a deep intimacy in her delivery draws people in when she performs…” (Sarah Hosney, photographer). 

She is passionate about music as a tool to inspire positive change and bring people together. She is in the process of writing songs for an album inspired by her deep connection with the natural world.


“…Kat’s music is rooted in traditional English folk music and her vocal style is reminiscent of Eva Cassidy with a hint of Joni Mitchell but we believe she has a style all her own.” (The Icarus Club)

Instagram: @katdrake

Karen Aiyana Birch has been holding sacred space, teaching and facilitating transformational circles, ceremony and workshops for over ten years.


She has recently been called to create more sacred space for the innate healing power of movement and song - a divine birthright we all hold. Channeling a form of 'celestial light language,' her songs & mantras bring transmissions of healing and higher consciousness. 

"Being in sacred ceremony with Karen was something really quite unique, a surprise to all my senses... the dance of which transported me into a state of profound openness, expansion and bliss… this bliss shared tangibly by everyone fortunate to be in the room!"

Karen and Kat met in 2016, and their common affinity for plant allies and devotional music inspired the unravelling of FLOWERING SOUL. 



The use of raw ceremonial cacao (chocolate) for medicinal purposes is woven into ancient Mayan culture, who saw it as the Food of the Gods. Most people, including chocolate lovers, have no idea that cacao can, when prepared correctly, induce a massive stimulant high and heart opening, similar to what can be experienced with drugs such as ecstasy. Raw cacao however, is rich in antioxidants and other goodies, making it a superfood. 

Karen has been working with cacao as a meditation journey assist for many years, and at the end of 2017 was given the initiatory go ahead by the Spirit of Cacao to start leading regular ceremonies. 

"I am the river of life
I am the keeper of this dream
Walk with me I’ll tell you a thousand stories
Long ago given to the earth

These mountains tall
They are my only walls
In this temple
Where I bow"

(Haseya - Ajeet Kaur)

Karen by a Theobroma Cacao Tree

© 2017 by Karen Aiyana Birch

Based in East Sussex, United Kingdom

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