April 13, 2019

Today a new energetic reality is unfolding on Earth. Today's children do not operate like we did when we were young, or do now. They do not have the same energy system, and without understanding this, parents are unintentionally making many mistakes and creating imbalance in their homes instead of giving their children the right support to be who they're naturally born to be. 

Due to the Earth’s movement, alignment and position in the galaxy, the base frequency of the planet has soared over the last few decades, allowing resonant higher frequency energies to take hold on the planet. This correlates with an orga...

April 7, 2019

It can be difficult on the path of self-awareness and transformation, to discern where the true source of the imbalance lies - when one comes to our awareness - and therefore what is the most effective action/non action to shift it. When pain or deep angst has been triggered, or we are aware of a persisting pattern that we are struggling to cleanly kick, the true path walker looks for answers, healing and transformation.

Yet I commonly see people jump too quickly to established or trendy ideas in the collective thought stream, and others that keep pressing the same button over and over again. If you find a transfor...

September 25, 2018

Where is your life trying move you to? What transformation beckons you now? What vision is deeply curled up inside you, waiting to unfurl into life - giving you signs and nudges, filling your daydreams, giving life to your imagination and happiness to your heart? 

As I look back to harvest the gifts of the summer, and assimilate my next phase, I am amazed that my last post, which was about the necessity of taking deep 'yin' or rest time, was in April. A whole summer has passed - yes I did need a whole summer of time out... but not in a restful way; rather in a 'womb of creation' way... 

The summer was...

April 12, 2018

Many of us are awake to the over-valuing of masculine energy in our society and lifestyles, yet we’re still doing it. Even in the re-empowering goddess trend there is still an over-weight of masculine energy evident in the attitude of ‘let’s do this!’ 

Many energetically sensitive people have for a while now been feeling strong symptoms of tiredness, lack of concentration or fire, or of 'wading through mud,' (at least in the UK) and sense that the collective energy, astrological radiations and frequency shift is behind this in part at least. There is frustration at being slowed down, so even when we are be...

March 30, 2018

Happy Easter everyone! ♥

It’s hugely likely the sacred time of Easter is naturally about honouring the aspect of the sacred goddess or Earth Mother, associated with the spring and fertility, and yet it is the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ that we were reprogrammed to associate this time with. Nonetheless the theme for us is still rebirth; we must leave behind the hardship of winter and allow ourselves to be reborn into the new springtime. Not that winter poses any physical hardship for us in modern day, but it is a hardship for the heart and soul, which for a start, feels dampened by the absence of clear sk...

March 3, 2018

There is a lot of pressure and favourability towards trusting people, yet what does trusting someone actually mean? 

We think of trust as meaning fidelity, being able to confide in someone, trust their word. But the actual permutations of trusting someone goes much further than that. Trusting a love interest usually goes hand in hand with bonding, and from that usually comes opening up your energy field. 

When you open up your field to someone, you very easily, and usually unconsciously give them access to your life force energy, your power, spirit. This is something you should never allow unless you first completely...

December 6, 2017

I’ve just spent three days alone, and have another two ahead - after what seemed like an endless river of a few weeks of almost constant company. Over the last couple of days I have witnessed my nervous system calming down, my consciousness coming to rest, my spirit energy cautiously unfurling, like a fox poking its head out of her den to check it is safe. I have had the mental space to focus on and complete the tasks that appear in my consciousness - instead of them appearing and then disappearing again because I’m not available to receive them. 

Earlier I walked in the countryside and paused in a field for a very...

In this heartfelt conversation, I have teamed up with my esteemed friend and colleague who runs men's circles in Costa Rica once more, so that we can share some of our deepest insights about the masculine and feminine, and the healing dynamic between the sexes that must occur for both to drop their defences and surrender into tender trusting love. 

FYI, the first half contains a message for men, shared by Karen, around what women need in order to feel safe and allow a man to take the lead. The second half contains a message for women from Fadrique on behalf of the masculine, around what men need from women in order...

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October 23, 2017